Week ending September 30, 2016

Three things to know

Widespread use of blockchain continues to move closer to reality.  This week revealed more evidence of the benefits of blockchain and also the increasing support for blockchain.

Standard Chartered completed a cross-border, real-time payment via its blockchain network in “less than 10 seconds”.  Standard Chartered has partnered with Ripple and used their enterprise blockchain solutions for the transaction.  Standard Chartered stated that payments innovation is a “key area of focus” as the global bank endeavors to make the client experience more cohesive, with less risk, and more transparency.

With transaction speed moving from days to seconds, it’s easy to understand why some 200 banks interviewed by IBM plan to roll-out blockchain solutions sooner than had been expected. According to the survey, 15% of “top global banks” plan full-scale commercial deployment of blockchain in 2017.  Within 3 years, 65% of the banks surveyed plan to have major blockchain projects in production.

One particular development that could accelerate the aggressive plans revealed in the IBM survey, Congress has formed a bipartisan Blockchain Caucus. The stated mission of the Caucus is the “advancement of sound public policy toward cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based technologies”.

The positive momentum of blockchain continues.  One potential catalyst which could potentially have a significant impact on adoption is guidance from the Federal Reserve.  A favorable view or solution from the central bank could potentially crystallize usage parameters and spur widespread adoption.

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Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

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In Washington, Momentum Grows for Blockchain Action

US Central Bank Chair: Blockchain Could Have ‘Significant’ Impact

Washington DC Launches First Blockchain Innovation Center

New Bipartisan Blockchain Caucus Will Promote the Use of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology 

Uses and Applications

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Blockchain Talent Marketplace Blockgeeks Launched in Toronto

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Juzhen Raises $23 Million to Bring Blockchain Post-Trade to China

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