Week Ending December 16, 2016

Three things to know

This was another big week for Blockchain news, particularly in Healthcare, Energy, and Global.

Here in the U.S., Overstock issued 126,000 common shares via Blockchain, marking the first equity issuance done on Blockchain.  CEO Patrick Byrne referred to the issuance as a “Sputnik moment”, meaning that it is mostly a symbolic move and there is more work to be done.

Blythe Masters was interviewed by CoinDesk and provided what she believes is a critical issue and the key to the Blockchain tipping point: understanding.  The technology must be understood by a wider audience, especially those in the C-suite.  Ms. Masters noted that in many conversations with potential clients, the clients recognize the potential for Blockchain, but do not understand how Blockchain can help them.

Now, if those in the C-suite can understand Blockchain, there is potentially a very large market ahead.  Market Intelligence firm Tractica completed a research report on Blockchain enterprise applications. They expect that annual revenue will increase from $2.5 billion in 2016 to almost $20.0 billion by 2025. Tractica identified 29 separate Blockchain use cases and 19 industry sectors that will be the users.

Overstock Begins Trading Its Shares Via the Bitcoin Blockchain

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Blockchain for Enterprise Applications Market to Reach $19.9 Billion by 2025, According to Tractica

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

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 technology, applications spark channel opportunities

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Uncertainty. Opportunity. It’ll all be there for healthcare in 2017, PwC says


beyond finance: blockchain’s impact on the power sector

Blockchain Brings Efficiencies to the Energy Industry
Electron is trying to sell a blockchain makeover to the UK’s energy sector

Power sector leads blockchain development outside finance Report
Electron Introduces Blockchain Technology to UK’s Energy Sector

Australian Blockchain Energy Project Powerledger Expands with Large Scale Trial for P2P Energy …

U.K. Startup Seeks to Move Energy Sector to Blockchain-Based Infrastructure

Power Sector Considered a “First Mover” for Blockchain-based Transaction Systems

Ireland to Address Bitcoin Blockchain-Related Regulatory Conflicts

Central bank of Denmark is considering an e-krone based on blockchain – but tech is the least of …

Blockchain Lures Central Banks as Danes Consider Minting E-Krone

City of Rotterdam to use a blockchain for lease agreements

French Bitcoin Startup: Blockchain Will Help 40% of the Unbanked

Blockchain LatAm Conference Stresses upon the Importance of Blockchain in Fintech

Stellar Partners ICICI Bank, Enables Blockchain Money Transfers in India, Africa and Philippines

South Korean Blockchain Consortium Launches

27 Financial Firms Form Korean Blockchain Consortium

Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain as a Service (BAAS) in India

Blockchain Rewards Platform to Pilot in Dubai

From China, a blockchain-powered, decentralized Content Delivery Network

Microsoft and AMIS announce Asia’s first blockchain consortium

Japanese Blockchain Consortium Grows to More Than 100 Members


US Commerce Department Weighs Blockchain at Washington Event

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Uses and Applications

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