Week Ending January 13, 2017

Three things to know

The Depository Trust Clearing Corp (DTCC) announced they are developing a Blockchain system for processing credit default swaps.  When implemented, the platform will process as much as $11 trillion in credit default swaps each year. What has testing of the system revealed? The Blockchain can handle all of the requirements at lower costs. Major Financial Company to Handle $11 Trillion Volume with Blockchain

The 7th largest bank (by assets) in China has implemented a Blockchain-based asset management system to track compliance and reduce redundant credit verifications. The results of the project to this point demonstrate the Blockchain-based system reduces processing times by up to 80%.

This model is similar to the loan operations prototype we have developed at Red Chalk Group. Our prototype increases approval speed, increases security, and reduces costs.

Postal Savings Bank of China Has Already Sent 100 Transactions on its Internal Blockchain

In Healthcare, some 55% of healthcare executives believe the competitiveness of their company will be diminished if they fail to have a timely adoption of Blockchain.  But not everyone is acting on their instincts, as only 35% of those executives plan to roll out Blockchain programs in 2017.  Not to down play the significance of the 35%. That is a very high number.  This data is based on a Deloitte study that was done prior to the recent FDA announcement that they will be studying Blockchain for use in a variety of healthcare applications.  Healthcare Has the Most Aggressive Plans To Deploy Blockchain
US Food and Drug Administration to Study Blockchain Healthcare Applications

Weekly Blockchain

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