Week Ending March 3, 2017

Three things to know

Bill HB 2417 sailed through the Arizona House of Representatives with a vote of 59-0 to approve.  The bill will legalize Blockchain smart contracts and in doing so, will be the first U.S. law that formally recognizes smart contracts as legally enforceable.  The bill is now in the Senate awaiting the next vote. Arizona blockchain bill advances with unanimous vote

Separate estimates of the Blockchain market growth came out this week. One study projects the global Blockchain market to reach to reach nearly $8.0 billion by 2024, increasing from $500.0 million in 2015.  The next study projects a 55.0% CAGR for the Blockchain market through 2021. Most sectors will utilize Blockchain, with Financial Services and Healthcare among the largest users.  Phenomenal Growth Predicted for Blockchain till 2024     Global Blockchain Technology Market to Showcase a CAGR of 55% Through 2021: Technavio 

Among the drivers of the rapid Blockchain growth is adoption beyond financial services.  Daimler AG provides great insight into their views on Blockchain as well as provides insights into why they chose Hyperleger.  Chief among these reasons are supply chain and trade partners. What Drives Daimler, Airbus, Sany Towards Blockchain and Hyperledger

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

Applying Blockchain to Post-Trade Derivatives Processing

Nasdaq Executive Fredrik Voss Optimistic About Blockchain in Capital Markets
US blockchain, securitization industry groups join forces

DTCC completes blockchain repo test

Blockchain Could ‘Revolutionize’ Industry: China Ex-Insurance Regulator Vice Chair

Third Fintech Forum to discuss artificial intelligence and blockchain

JPMorgan, Microsoft, Intel and others form new blockchain alliance

With blockchain, bank cartels become bank alliances

California Startup Poised to Introduce Blockchain Payment Technology to United States

UBS, PwC Back Blockchain Group in Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’

PwC blockchain prototype reduces costs for London insurance market claims

Banks are sold on blockchain, concerned about collaboration


Blockchain: The Concept for Health Plan CMOs
The permanent web for healthcare with IPFS and blockchain

Blockchain Will “Change the Physics” of Health Data Sharing

Towards smaller and more focused blockchain consortia
Blockchain Sees Endless Possibilities in Healthcare Industry

Delivering a New Blockchain-Based Patient Care Model

Evolving Sustainability Through the Peer-to-Peer Energy Market

Blockchain Innovations for Energy Access

Why Data Security is Critical with Healthcare Blockchain


Japan Megabank Mizuho Completes Digital Currency, Document Sharing Trial over a Blockchain

ING and Sorge partner on blockchain solution

European Parliament Report Praises Blockchain Impact
Japan Supports Hitachi’s 150 Mln Member Blockchain Project

China primed to push advances in blockchain and 5G development
Western Australia’s Mining Companies Urged to Adopt Blockchain Technology

Overtaking Banking in the Race to Blockchain

Russia’s PM: Blockchain Tech Could Bring Big Changes

David Cameron wants to use blockchain technology to fight government corruption

Thailand’s National Stock Exchange is Building a Blockchain Market

Blockchain Strategy for Asian Banks to be Presented at Singapore Conference

Japan bank consortium plan to use blockchain technology from Google-backed Ripple to make …

Indian Central Banker: Potential of Blockchain Currencies ‘Overstated’

Scotiabank said to test smart contract, blockchain for trade reports

How Japanese Blockchain Technology Revolutionizes Municipal Government in Belgium

10 ways the UK government can support blockchain innovation

Why China’s $60 Billion Alipay is Recruiting Blockchain Engineers, Experts


How the Block Notary App and EULA Work with the Vermont Blockchain Law

WA can gain from blockchain

Federal government exploring ‘blockchain’ technology to boost innovation economy

Uses and Applications

Building Blockchain Into Your Data and Analytics Program

Blockchain: The Next Frontier for Cybersecurity?

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Technology Startup JAAK Introduces Blockchain For Entertainment and Media Companies

Microsoft and KPMG’s Joint Blockchain Nodes to Foster Crypto-Innovation

The self-sustaining blockchain casino

Loyyal transforms loyalty with Hyperledger Fabric

Blockchain Startup Selected for Airline Trade Group Awards

4 Ways to Use Blockchain In Your Business

Integrating the Ethereum Blockchain into Java Apps

Bloq Acquires Skry In Bid to Lay Groundwork for AI on Blockchain

Sprint to Test Blockchain Platform for Connecting Telecoms

Thought Leadership

‘Top 10’ Blockchains Report Concludes: Now is the Time to Pivot

Blockchain Tracker: Hybrid, Private and Public Blockchain’s Impact on The Finance Industry

Ledger Fever: 95 Bitcoin & Blockchain Startups in One Market Map

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