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Who We Are

Our Mission, Values and Guiding Principles are the foundation of our firm, mutually reinforcing, and guide us in how we serve our clients and practice our profession.


Our mission is to achieve outstanding results for our clients by addressing their greatest challenges. We serve you with the highest caliber, most passionate professionals, who are driven to deliver distinctive and meaningful results.

Guiding Principles

We believe that we can only achieve our mission through the following reinforcing Guiding Principles:

Commitment to our clients

As a firm, and as individuals, we are driven to deliver outstanding service to our clients. We work with our clients to understand their issues such that we can provide objective, pragmatic, and valuable results. Furthermore, we understand that resources are scarce and thus work with our clients to ensure that our services are focused on those matters of greatest importance and impact.

Commitment to our profession

As intellectual property professionals, we have a profound respect for your challenges and strive to practice at the highest possible standards. We believe that we have an obligation to not only represent ourselves and our clients, but all professionals.

Commitment to our practice

At Red Chalk Group, excellence is not a part-time pursuit, it is our only pursuit. Thus, we have developed a distinctive and focused set of expertise spanning business, technical, and intellectual property issues across a wide variety of industries and technologies.

Commitment to our people

We seek to attract, develop, and retain exceptional people – without which we cannot achieve outstanding results. We have created a collegial environment where our people are encouraged to challenge the status quo and question conventional wisdom.

Firm Values

Underlying our mission and guiding principles are a core set of values which guide our practice and the operation of our firm.

  • Deliver the highest quality work, always exceeding client expectations while maximizing the result of all our interactions.
  • Conduct ourselves in the highest moral and ethical standards.
  • Continually push ourselves to develop new skills and capabilities, building upon our existing capabilities and knowledge base.
  • Create and maintain a caring and respectful environment where individuals can excel and grow, rewarding individuals based on merit.
  • Invest in our future through our people.

These values represent the standards by which we conduct ourselves. They are the underpinnings of our firm.

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