Week Ending August 12, 2016

Financial Services

How blockchain technology might impact auto finance

HSBC and Bank of America Merrill Lynch use Hyperledger Project for blockchain trade finance

Results of the EPC Poll on the Impact of Blockchain on Payments

Bank of America, HSBC Unveil Blockchain Supply Chain Project

Fintech Has Forced Banks’ Hand on Blockchain, AI Adoption

How Fintech Is Dragging Banks to Blockchain and AI

Ethereum Scaling Advances with Off-Blockchain Payments

BofAML, HSBC and IDA Singapore Develop Blockchain for Letters of Credit

Global Banks Test Blockchain Trade Financing with R3 Consortium

How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Regulatory Compliance



Attorneys suggest Federal Reserve ‘actively embrace and utilize’ Blockchain technology



WEF took a year-long look at blockchain and concluded it will be the ‘beating heart’ of finance

DECENT Blockchain Content Distribution Taking Off in China

Russian startup creates blockchain-based application to manage organizations

Monetary Authority of Singapore includes blockchain leaders on Technology Advisory Panel

Another Successful Trial for Ukrainian Blockchain-based Auction System

Vanbex and NetCents bank on blockchain in Canada

21.6% of Total VC Funding in Southeast Asia Granted to Fintech Startups

Israel: A hotspot for Blockchain Innovation

Coin Telegraph Brings First Blockchain Conference to Nordics

Australia’s Postal Service Tests Blockchain Identity

Australian Media Questions ASX’s Blockchain Drive in Light of Bitfinex Hack

Australian Startup Cyph MD uses Blockchain Technology for Data Sharing in Healthcare

Dubai Government Seeks Blockchain Projects for Startup Fund

Blockchain + IoT: The Isle of Man Thinks it’s a Perfect Match

Dubai Future Accelerators to explore blockchain solutions in other sectors

Poll Suggests That Blockchain Technology Will Impact EU Payments by 2025

Russian Payment Company QIWI Considers Switching to Blockchain

Canadians Moving Fast and Hard into Blockchain Space

CBA trials blockchain for trade finance



Amid Blockchain Hype, Is There Still a Place for Litecoin?

Overstock to Continue Developing Blockchain Products, Change in Leadership

How not to blockchain – a look at OneCoin

CB Insights lists blockchain use cases beyond banking and payments

Ethereum-based online lottery platform KIBO to launch ICO soon

After Successful ICO, Stratis Blockchain Solutions Set to Launch Today

Blockchain Meets the IoT

Steemit: Get on blockchain social media juggernaut

As Bitcoin Technology Makes Inroads, One Law Firm Launches Multidisciplinary Blockchain Practice

Is Blockchain-Powered Copyright Protection Possible?

Blockchain, a Technology Innovation That Can Change Everything

Startup uses blockchain tech to assist health care data sharing

Steptoe’s Blockchain Team Expands into Multi-Disciplinary Practice

IBM to Launch One of the Largest Blockchain Implementations in the World

Blockchain in healthcare is quickly becoming a reality

Accounting giants to consider blockchain consortium

Swirlds releases software development kit for its blockchain alternative

Blockai is a Blockchain Company with a Use


Thought Leadership

Silicon Valley was going to disrupt capitalism. Now it’s just enhancing it

IBM cryptographer Christian Cachin talks about blockchain innovation

IBM Proclaims the Arrival of a New Economic Revolution