Week Ending July 1, 2016

Financial Services

CUNA Announces Blockchain Platform: Onsite at ACUC

Deutsche Bank expects commercially-viable blockchain implementations by 2017-end

Blockchain: When banks interests meet regulators expectations

What does the integration of blockchain mean for mutual funds?

UBS View on Blockchain

Blockchain is the new internet of the financial world

Blockchain technology: The future for the investment industry

Payments players search for the power within the blockchain

Survey: Finance Industry to Invest $1 Billion in Blockchain Technology in 2016

Deutsche Bank Wary About DAO Incident, continues to Explore Blockchain

Xinhua Insight: Blockchain technology expected to transform financial sector

Japanese Tech Firms Implement the First Blockchain Microfinance Service

Want to get an insurer’s attention? Just say blockchain.

ANZ backs private blockchain, but won’t go public



Blockchain is on Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s Technology Agenda

The Blockchain Brain Drain – How The States Are Driving Blockchain Companies Abroad

Government Think Tank Warns About Blockchain Risks

IBM Joins Washington Blockchain Trade Group

Blockchain – considering the regulatory horizon



Luxembourg Minister of Finance Acknowledges Blockchain Potential

How the ‘Brexit’ Could Impact the UK’s Blockchain Influence

Canada to Germany Ripple bank transfer breakthrough for banking industry

Chinese firms join forces to form new Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium

Blockchain Democracy Party on Ballot in Australian Election

Sweden to become first nation to adopt blockchain tech for real estate deals

The Reserve Bank of India Announces Blockchain Committee

Australia to Make Blockchain Voting App a Global Democratic Movement

Finnish City Partners with IBM to Validate Blockchain Application in Logistics

Bitcoin more stable post-Brexit vote than pound, euro, says Blockchain CEO

Bitcoin Blockchain is the Last Economic Fortress, Provides the Unbanked with Jobs

Bitcoin and Blockchain Leading the Revolution in the Global Monetary System

Podcast: Blockchain Revolution co-author Alex Tapscott on Brexit opportunities



Blocksafe network opens crowd sale for blockchain-based smart gun authentication system

Crowdsale Launched to Build Blockchain-Based Gun Verification System

Blockchain Could Reconfigure Education

Ethereum-based APPII working with Open University to verify qualifications on blockchains

Give Educators a Say

The DAO Shows Blockchain Can’t Code Away Social Problems

R3 and The DAO Danger: How the Attack Can Impact the Blockchain Consortium

Hyperledger Global Expansion Adds Seven New Members to Blockchain Initiative

TMG, CO-OP and Mercator start testing strategic decision framework for blockchain

Building blockchain apps for the enterprise – a Q/A with Victor Wong

This mobile payment company is transforming P2P payments by using blockchain technology

Abra Launches Blockchain Remittance App in US

Blockchain tech key to regional digital economy


Thought Leadership

103 UKGOS – What is blockchain

World Economic Forum: Blockchain A Game Changer for The Future of Financial Transactions

Bracing for Blockchain: Distributed Ledgers Poised to Drive Adoption of Distributed Generation

Blockchain to transform economic equation for organizations, trust and value exchange IBM

Decentralizing IoT networks through blockchain

Kiteboarding VC Bill Tai, of Mai Tai Global, On Why Blockchain Is The 6th Wave of Technology

On the road to a blockchain revolution

“Rally ’round the fork, boys!”

Blockchain: Over-hyped bandwagon or truly revolutionary technology?

Beta 2.1 Released: Solving Blockchain Bloat and much more!

Phishing Attacks Targeting Blockchain.info on the Rise, Reports Open DNS

Blockchain Technology Will Change Our World – Here’s What Everyone Needs to Know

Experts wade through hype to shed light on blockchain security