Week Ending July 22, 2016

Financial Services

David Gunn: “Not Participating in Blockchain Research Is Not a Viable Option for Banks”

JPMorgan Chase urges asset managers to adopt blockchain

Ripple: It’s Time for a Blockchain Cross-Border Payment Network

Will Blockchain Based Remittance Struggle to Deliver?

Blockchain-based OS for banks surfaces, could shake up retail banking

Funderbeam Launches Blockchain-Based Trading and Investment Platform for Startups

BNP’s Ex-Blockchain Lead is Building Smart Contracts for Clearinghouses

Wall Street is obsessed with this technology — but a big group of investors is missing out

Ex-Googlers tackle core retail banking with ‘blockchain-style’ Vault OS



DHS looking to link to the blockchain

Congressional Resolution Calls on US Government to Support Blockchain Tech

Support Digital Currencies, Blockchain & Fintech, US Congress Tells Gov’t

Wunderlich: Blockchain — Nevada’s next horizon?



UK Blockchain Company Hits £100000 Investment via Bitcoin

UK Parliament Hearing to Highlight Government Blockchain Applications

Bank of England releases key paper on digital cash and blockchain

Blockchain hearing at House of Lords: Bank of England cautious, Blythe Masters sets record straight

Call for blockchain and biometrics boost to UK’s regtech

Russian Political Party Calls for Bitcoin Legalization

Regulating Blockchain: The Israeli Block in the Chain

Understanding blockchain and its growing importance in the UAE

Mphasis Opens Centre of Excellence for Blockchain Technologies in India

ATB working on blockchain technology for international transactions

Trap to Spy on Benefits Spending? UK Tests Blockchain for Welfare Payments

SAP Collaborates in The First Blockchain Payment Between Canada and Germany

Research: US Blockchain Industry Big on Bitcoin, UK Most Diverse



Blockchain Containers Density Testing on OpenPOWER

Telstra Ventures poised to invest in Blockchain

Fintech startup BnL Growth Partners joins Banking on Blockchain Fund

Rakuten Sizes Up BitNet to Build Blockchain-Based Loyalty Program

Blockchain explorer and data startup Blocktrail acquired by Bitmain

Kyckr, Identitii.com enlist blockchain in terrorism fight

Jeff Garzik: Blockchain is Dawn of New Era in Real Estate

Standards Would Aid Blockchain’s Adoption

Microsoft’s blockchain project Bletchley offers services to access off chain data

As a blockchain-based project teeters, questions about the technology’s security

Ethereum Executes Blockchain Hard Fork to Return DAO Funds


Thought Leadership

What blockchain means for the Internet of Things

Blockchain Primer: It’s Way More Than Just Bitcoin

Think blockchain is all about Bitcoin? Think again

Blockchains: Focusing on Bitcoin Misses the Real Revolution in Digital Trust

Blockchain Technology: Revolution or Evolution?

Prepare for A Multiple Blockchain World

Blockchain really only does one thing well

Introducing Blockchain Technology and Its Application in Business

What CFOs should do to prepare for blockchain tech

Blockchain will drive demand for decentralized apps

Blockchain has potential to be global game-changer in virtual currency

Cloud Vendors, The Great Disruptors, Face Disruption from Blockchain

Research priorities defined for Blockchain Lab with Innovate Finance  

The Next Cloud Frontier: Blockchain-as-a-Service

Improving Transaction Monitoring with Machine Learning and Blockchain