Week Ending July 29, 2016

Financial Services

Beyond The Hype: What Blockchain Really Bring to Payments

Blockchain Based NetCents and PayPal Integration Takes Off, Beta Testing is On

Digital Payments Are Going Beyond Blockchain

Financial Industry and Blockchain

Why the Buy-Side Should Get Off the Blockchain Sidelines

Blockchain vendors working to temper banks’ fears

Capital markets with the Blockchain

Banks’ Privacy Concerns Shaping Blockchain Vendors’ Strategies

Why trade finance is a good use case for blockchain



Vt. eager for blockchain, but agencies slow to change

What if Bernie Sanders Had Raised Money for Blockchain Startups Instead

Blockchain company Coakt harnesses support in Delaware



Threat of Blockchain Prompts New Strategy for Germany’s SAP

Ripple Blockchain Payment from Canada to Germany Takes 20 Seconds

RBI Calls on Indian Banks to Explore Blockchain

Reserve Bank of India Nudges Banks to Develop Blockchain Apps

Barclays Africa links up with blockchain drive

Burmese firm hopes to be first microfinance company to use blockchain tech

Reserve Bank of India calls for greater blockchain acceptance

Myanmar microfinance could see fintech first

Agentic Group Brings Blockchain Consultancy to London

Blockchain consortium Agentic Group opens in London to boost fintech after Brexit vote

Australian software developer brings blockchain to local grains industry

Software AG Applies Digital Business Platform to Operationalize Blockchain

Australian banks and the blockchain bonanza

New North Korea Hack Shows Enterprises Need the Blockchain

Blockchain Can Bring the Unbanked into the Global Economy



Wall Street is pumped about blockchain — here’s a definitive list of every project out there

Ray Valdes On Underwhelming Blockchain Projects

Blockchain Company Files for New Bitcoin ETF

Lisk community continues to develop tools and services for its blockchain platform

Failing projects pray blockchain works as ‘magic middleware’

Microsoft’s Ethereum Blockchain as a Service accelerates mobile development

Moody’s new report identifies 25 top blockchain use cases, from a list of 120

More companies access blockchain technology Moodys report

Abra Just Electrified Blockchain Entrepreneurs in NYC

Forking Around

Crypto-heist threatens to tank blockchain-based future

Blockchain technology could automate almost all functions of charity regulators

NXT/Ardor Platform to Make Blockchain Cheaper and Safer

Bringing secure Blockchain services to the cloud

Blockchain to power remote citizenship

Blockchains, IoT and the brave new machine to machine economy

Extending Existing Blockchains with Virtualchain

After eight months, an update on the Blockchain Alliance

Architecture of the Hyperledger Blockchain Fabric


Thought Leadership

Blockai Uses Bitcoin Blockchain to Protect Intellectual Property

Chain’s Adam Ludwin On Who Is Best Poised to Benefit from Blockchain Technology

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