Week Ending July 8, 2016

Financial Services

How Banks Will Stop Snoops From Using the Blockchain to Front-Run Trades

Startup Clears First Blockchain-Settled Institutional Spot-FX Trades

Blockchains at Payments Innovation: SETL shines, 11:FS takes a stand and DWP tests Gov Coin

Blockchain in insurance–opportunity or threat?

Z/Yen’s Michael Mainelli believes blockchain works better for insurance than banks



Hillary Clinton and the Blockchain

US Government Issues Call for Blockchain Healthcare Research



UK Trials Blockchain-Based Social Welfare Payments

Russian Banks Form Private Blockchain Consortium

Moscow Joins Race to Wreck London as Global Fintech Capital

Ukraine to Host World’s First Blockchain-based Auction

Dutch Government Invests in a Blockchain Development Campus

Thriving after Brexit: The UK and EU Should Reboot on the Blockchain

Israeli Fintech Hybrid: Another Block in the Blockchain

Consultancy Firm Advises Gulf Countries to Start Exploring Blockchain Tech

Myanmar Microfinance Firm Trials Blockchain

An Australian Political Party is Building a Blockchain That Could Prevent Brexit’s

Visa Europe: Blockchain is More Interesting than Bitcoin



The mad rush to own the rights to the blockchain

Everyone Wants to Patent Blockchain

Unraveled: Blockchain and why smart contracts still need smart lawyers

How Blockchain Helps Brooklyn Dwellers Use Neighbors’ Solar Energy

Blocksafe Applies Blockchain Tech to Improve ‘Smart Guns’

Ethereum Blockchain to Secure Sneakers in Honor of Kanye West

Peerplays Open Sources Automated Blockchain-based Distribution Model

Blockchain content sharing app LBRY declares independent from Google, Apple and Amazon

Blockchain identity innovators Netki raises $3.5m funding led by O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

Pink Floyd: Blockchain technology in music could be ‘truly revolutionary’

SolidX Partners Launches Vida – Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Identity Software


Thought Leadership

Industry gurus tackle blockchain privacy and digital identity

Microsoft Azure marketplace includes Emercoin Blockchain Engine

Education not Speculation: Message from the Blockchain Training Conference

At W3C Event, Industry Seeks to Weave Blockchains into New Web

Industry research papers highlight blockchain technology’s disruptive potential

Will Blockchain Technology Replace Traditional Business Models?

Best of Bluemix: blockchain, mobile security, stray dogs, and smart toothbrushes

Does Blockchain hold the key to the distributed patient data dilemma?

Blockchain: the answer to life, the universe and everything?

Forecasting the blockchain disruption

The business of blockchain

Rethinking Enterprises, Ecosystems and Economies with Blockchains

Immutability! Or Why Infinite Data Storage is a Perpetual Motion Claim