Week Ending June 10, 2016

Financial Services

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance Launches Educational Platform for Financial Markets

Another View: Blockchain could fix fragile finance system

How Fluent Wants to Streamline Financial Supply Chains with a Blockchain

Banking Trade Group BAFT Seeks Bigger Role in Blockchain Policy

Capgemini and Ascribe Build Blockchain Project for Banking Loyalty Rewards

We could be set for a ‘brave new world’ of stock trading



Global regulators attuned to blockchain risks

90 Central Banks Seek Blockchain Answers at Federal Reserve Event

Central Bankers Told They Should Be Sprinting Toward Blockchain

Study Bitcoin & Blockchain, Federal Reserve Chair Tells Central Banks



Why Russia’s CSD Believes Blockchain is a ‘Blue Ocean’ Opportunity

The World Domination of Blockchain

Perth Startup Veri.vote Lobbies for Blockchain-based Voting

Making Sense of Blockchain Smart Contracts

Introduction to blockchain and Ethereum

Simple blockchain from scratch

Bring On the Blockchain Future

Blockchain is more than the second coming of the internet

Hong Kong Regulator Thinks Blockchain Can Curb Money Laundering



There’s more to distributed trust than Blockchain



Thought Leadership

Fudging Clinical Trial Data Made Impossible by Blockchain Technology

Breaking Down Blockchains Healthcare Potential

Can Crowdsourced Jury Trials On the Blockchain Deliver Justice for All?

How can blockchain change the music industry?

Singular DTV to Produce Singularity-based Sci-Fi TV Series for Ethereum Blockchain

From YouTube to the blockchain: how music and tech are colliding in 2016

Blockchain Allows Sneaker Manufacturer to Prevent Counterfeiting

Blockchain to prove authenticity of luxury goods

“Blockchain Watch”: Manufactures Start Using Blockchain to Confirm Authenticity of Luxury Goods

Booming Trend of 2016: Strategic Partnerships Blossoming in Blockchain Space

MIT Media Lab, Learning Machine Tackle Blockchain-Based Credentials

Pair aims to heal blockchain ills with new model, identity breakthroughs

Ethereum prediction market Augur teams up with blockchain security experts Airbitz

Loyalty tie-up

Will blockchains really change the finance industry?

Blockchains hype exceeds its grasp – for now

Blockchain: A Revolution or an Evolution?

Skeptics to Blockchain: Show Me