Week Ending June 17, 2016

Financial Services

Handled right, blockchain could help banks and their customers

Allianz bets on blockchain for catastrophe bond trading

Allianz Risk Transfer and Nephila pilot blockchain technology for catastrophe swaps and bonds



‘Blockchain-Friendly’ Bill Moves Forward in North Carolina

White House Fuels Growing Blockchain Interest on Capitol Hill

US government discusses potential of big data, blockchain, fintech and more

The blockchain could give a big boost to local economies

Why should feds care about blockchain?

Blockchain notarization company Stampery launches new API and certification service

Department of Homeland Security supports six blockchain projects



Sweden tests blockchain technology for land registry

Dubai’s Global Blockchain Council Announces Seven Pilot Projects – Welcomes New Members

Blockchain notarization company Stampery launches new API and certification service

Bank of Canada Explores Blockchain Technology

Bank of Canada Demos Blockchain-Based Digital Dollar 

Indian Startup Adopts Blockchain for Stock Trade Settlements

LME says reviewing possible use of blockchain technology



DAO Hacked!

The news of the week occurred Thursday night and into Friday morning as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) was hacked.  The hackers placed some $60.0 million of the digital currency ether into a DAO child account.  Though the hackers will likely never be able to access the actual funds, the hack appears to have been enough to end DAO.  The DAO system was built on Ethereum. Ethereum remains intact, as reports indicate the hack was the result of DAO.




Tapscott on Blockchain: This Is About to Change the World

Blockchain Is Not Going to Change the World

Status quo will push back on blockchain conference hears

The technology that is out to disrupt Wall Street has been overhyped

The Truth


Thought Leadership

Get Up to Speed on Blockchain, Shared Ledgers and Next-Gen Fintech

Seven Things I Learned About Blockchain

Here is how Blockchain works and why it is important

It’s called ‘blockchain’ and it could be a game changer

Beyond Bitcoin: The business case for blockchain

Bloq’s Matthew Roszak Discusses Blockchain Enterprise Strategies, Business Models On Necker …

‘Blockchain, AI and Social Payments – The Future of Consumer Finance’ with Jeremy Allaire

How blockchain technology can prevent the next financial crisis, disrupt Uber, and give us control …