Week Ending June 24, 2016

Financial Services

Threat to Fintechs? Ethereum, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

The Banking Sector’s Interest in Blockchain May Translate to Job Cuts

More Banks Are Trying Out Ripple’s Blockchain for Fund Transfers

Banks trial blockchain to make money transfers ‘like sending an iMessage’

7 Financial Firms to Build Post-Trade Blockchain for Small Businesses

Economy Views: Blockchain – transforming financial services

Finance Firms Seen Investing $1 Billion in Blockchain This Year

Blockchain Technology: Disruptive Forces in Financial Services, According to IDC

Financial landscape developments on blockchain & new CECL comments

Dragonfly Fintech selected to implement blockchain-based remittance…

For Cross-Border Payments, Blockchain Is Like “Email for Money”

Post-Trade Blockchain Startup in Limbo After Raising $10 Million

Infoteria and Tech Bureau successfully experiment blockchain for micro-finance industry



What’s Next for Blockchain: Technology, Economics and Regulation

Blockchain and Payments Infrastructure: A Regulator’s Dilemma?

New Initiative Aims to Eliminate Corruption with Blockchain Technology

US Department of Homeland Security awards Factom funding for blockchain IoT project



IMF report calls Bitcoin’s blockchain the Internet of Trust

UK Banks Hit Blockchain Payment Milestone

Sweden Tests Blockchain-Based Land Registry

Euroclear looks to apply blockchain to gold market

Bank of England to Launch Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator

Poland to Explore Blockchain Tech in Government Digitization Effort

Finnish City Awarded €2.4 Million to Test Blockchain-Powered Shipping

Israeli Blockchain Colu mines $9.6M in Series A

Kazakhstan to Announce a List of Blockchain Projects Soon

Mizuho Tests Digital Currency-Powered Settlement

Australia’s ASX lifts stake in US blockchain developer

A Test of the Potential of Blockchain Technology for Use

Toyota Unit Joins R3 Blockchain Group

Bank of Canada Looks into Blockchain as Walmart Introduces Walmart pay



Intel chips in with blockchain code for Hyperledger

Hyperledger Blockchain Project Grows to 44 Members

The Morning Download: Ethereum’s Blockchain Reflects Rise of Open Software

Skype founder Jaan Tallinn proposes saving the world using Blockchain technology

Microsoft Introduces Project Bletchley: A Modular Blockchain Fabric

A $50 Million Heist Unleashes High-Stakes Showdown in Blockchain

Downfall of DAO Digital Currency Fund Shows Blockchain Reputational Risk

Blockchain & Smart Contracts Could Spell Doom for Corporate Law Firms

Blockchain technology will help protect your autonomous car

Reddit-Like Blockchain Powered Social Media Platform Sees 1600% Growth

Blockchain can help combat fraud in the conveyancing sector

Blockchain Social Impact Challenge by Summit Institute & Core Tech Foundation


Thought Leadership

The potential benefits of the blockchain technology

Blockchain’s time to shine has come

Why is blockchain so exciting? Find out

Capitalizing on the Wide-Ranging Impact of Blockchain Technology

What Blockchain Is and What It Can Do

Bitcoin hype leads more to ask: what is blockchain?

Moving blockchain from the lab to the real world

With Blockchain, Where There’s Smoke, There’s Usually More Smoke

Survey on Blockchain Technologies and Related Services

Why blockchains can be really bad. Or: How techno-futurists can ruin things.