Blockchain Lab

Red Chalk Group provides its clients with access to an enterprise-class Blockchain lab staffed with recognized technology leaders. The capability greatly accelerates proof of concept testing timelines and reduces implementation risk.

In our experience, our Blockchain Lab can significantly augment elements of your CTO/R&D function related to Blockchain by addressing three specific pain points:

  • Brain drain
  • Pressure to intelligently navigate the signal vs noise around Blockchain
  • “Labs” to quickly design, build, and test prototypes (and I’ll add the ability to test with production volumes)

The Lab combines two powerful capabilities – (1) An enterprise-grade technology team including former CTOs and R&D teams from large multi-billion dollar financial services with deep enterprise technology experience in transaction platforms, vendor evaluation, and IT management with (2) deep consulting expertise across major sectors including financial services, healthcare, high-tech, and diversified industrials.

We believe our Blockchain lab provides a specific and unique value proposition for large and mid-size financial institutions.

Proven Technical Expertise

  • Technology team was responsible for the design, build, and deployment of the application and infrastructure for the trading environment for one of the world’s largest financial institutions
  • Our team has extensive experience applying emerging technologies to the most challenging business initiatives for global banks, hedge funds and financial exchanges, including the design and implementation of Big Data Systems, Ultra-resilient, Massive Scale, Ultra-low Latency Algorithmic and High Frequency Trading Systems

Enterprise Focus

  • Depth and diversity of enterprise experience in hands-on design, development, implementation, and seamless integration and deployment of innovative solutions within enterprise standards encompassing both application development and infrastructure.

Blockchain Lab Operations

  • Our Blockchain Innovation Lab introduces clients to a unique, accelerated R&D experience in an enterprise-class lab environment. Clients collaborate to quickly and efficiently incubate or evaluate technology against specific requirements.
  • Helpful for clients who require hands-on functional and performance testing of infrastructure and/or applications in a controlled enterprise-class data center lab environment.
  • Provides proof of concepts and pilots or more dynamic testing projects, and includes the use of advanced testing and performance measurement tools where needed. Additionally, clients have the flexibility of specifying the level of technical support from the team that they require.

Blockchain Lab – Client configuration (Example)

  • High Performance Network Hardware Technologies: HPC Ethernet NC, Infiniband HCAs, cut-through HPC Ethernet switches, optical networking
  • HPC Communications: RDMA, TCP and UDP offload, high-performance multicast, integration with Novell messaging technologies
  • High Performance Computing Hardware. Super-scalar, multi-core NUMA, GPU, FPGA, NPU. Technology fusions – Cell, NUMA/FPGA, NPU/FPGA
  • In-socket accelerators and overclocking
  • High Performance Computing Software: GPU/FPGA compilers
  • State of the art EMS, OMS, Market Data: HPC tickerplants, accelerated algorithms
  • HPC Databases: MPP Databases, MapReduce/HADOOP, HPC database engines
  • HPC Semantic Databases
  • Next-Gen Persistence. Flash memory and storage, scale-out SAN, scale-out NAS, accelerated SANs
  • Computing and Next-Gen Datacenter Technologies: Grid computing, dense/green computing, next-gen virtualization, datacenter provisioning and management

Case Study

Our team was engaged to design the enterprise architecture (and related blueprints to support development) for the transaction processing environment of an escrow asset transfer services. Some of the business requirements that needed to be addressed included intraday settlement and visibility across many parties.

There was a strong view going in that a Blockchain based solution should be explored and the ultimate Enterprise Architecture design was Blockchain based. However, Blockchain-based architectures 12 months ago (and even today) were very immature and simply did not meet business and technical requirements. A custom enterprise architecture approach was developed based on 25+ years of financial transaction system design and development work. Innovations of the work included cross-chain interoperability.

Feel free to contact us or schedule time for a more detailed discussion of this case study.