Techno-Economic Modeling

Techno-economic modeling assessments of leading emerging energy transition technologies and solutions.

Red Chalk Group uses a rigorous fact-based research approach, based on a wide array of technical journals, industry databases and SMEs contributions, to compile detailed and comprehensive bottom-up techno-economic models of emerging energy technologies and infrastructure – e.g.:

Systems Configuration Assessment

  • Key structural elements, workflow, and processes
  • Leading IP and technical attributes. 

Output and Productivity Assessment

  • Capacity and yield potential
  • Footprint and scalability

Cost Assessment:

  • Capex and Opex requirements
  • Levelized cost of output  
  • Current and projected evolution of cost (over 20 years)

Performance Improvement Modeling:

  • Leading techno-economic challenges – e.g.: Technology; Systems Integration; Regulations; Resources.
  • Key areas of Improvement & Incremental improvement areas assessment

All techno-economic models and analyses are fully customized and compiled and delivered in Excel format – providing you with full control over the data and modeling framework.