Data Center Impact on the U.S. Power Grid

Jul 2, 2024 | Energy

Energy consumption from data centers in the U.S. is projected to grow nearly 4x by 2030, potentially accounting for 9% of all U.S. power consumed, driven by increasing use of AI applications (e.g., generative AI, autonomous AI), led by computing innovations from Nvidia and Intel.

To address growing energy demands, data center owners are investing in renewable energy sources such as onsite solar generation and nuclear power. Meta announced in December of last year a new partnership with Ørsted to supply solar power to its Nevada facilities while Amazon announced today they are close to signing a deal to partner with Constellation Energy, the largest owner of U.S. nuclear power plants, to source electricity directly from an east coast plant, providing reliable and scalable generation to meet demands from hyperscale data center facilities.

In addition to ramping up energy generation capabilities, hyperscalers have also invested in creating smarter grid integrations, with companies like Google partnering with local utilities to leverage demand response technologies to allocate energy efficiently.

As AI continues to become increasingly utilized, data center power demand needs will only further grow and require new investments in clean, scalable power generation solutions.