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Industry Areas

Aerospace & Defense

We consider the implications of the Honeywell-UTC $100B mega-merger that could have been.


Connected Cars – What can I do while I wait for my self-driving car to arrive?


Advising incumbents on blockchain applications, impact, and implementation.

Commercial Drones

The commercial drone ecosystem is burgeoning and becoming progressively complex. We explore the landscape and ask who will succeed?


Dive into the development of the eCommerce industry and how it is changing the connected home.

Financial Technology

We take a look at the financial technology sector and how the two have convened into one booming industry.

Global Industrials

The global diversified industrials space has been characterized by a secular shift from traditional business models to one of complex “portfolio management”.

Internet Advertising

Today’s B2C customer journey is undergoing a fundamental transformation, hailed the “digital disruption.”

Legal Services

We explore the litigation industry and how it has evolved.


Explore what may not be the best business model for each provider and what future impact it will have.


We discuss the semiconductors industry and what the future impact may be.


We explore how the mobile enterprise value chain has changed as technology continues to evolve.