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Augmenting the Future: AR's Golden Opportunity

AR exploded into mainstream attention with Pokémon Go – now the industry prepares for the first product cycle where AR is in the spotlight.

VR: So Close to Reality

The VR ecosystem may finally be ready to step into the spotlight, but winners in the space will be decided based on content, not hardware.

OTT Business Models – Not Everyone Should be like Netflix

It seems like everyone is following in Netflix’s steps to build their OTT services – but it may not be the best business model for each provider.

Media and Entertainment – The Ecosystem Today

In this article, we explore how the Media and Entertainment ecosystem has structurally transformed, and will continue to evolve.

Research Snapshots

Jump Start: Oculus looks to bring VR to the mainstream

VR has long been the arena of tech enthusiasts – Oculus looks to break out of this bubble with its latest slate of devices

As ESPN wobbles, Pay TV providers take aim

While carriage and content disputes are common in the TV industry, structural changes in the Pay TV ecosystem are challenging the “Golden Goose.”

The Skinny Bundle Landscape

We explore the current state of skinny bundles and examine key trends / predictions for the future.


Broadcasting and ATSC 3.0 – Issues and Opportunities

This Webinar explored how Broadcasters fit into the ever changing Media and Entertainment ecosystem and the impact ATSC 3.0 will have on future business models.