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Management Consulting

Red Chalk Group has advised leading corporations and senior decision makers on strategic, technology, and investment matters for over a decade. As markets evolve, the pace of competition accelerates, and innovation requires a response, we have developed winning strategies for senior executives as they navigate uncertain markets to achieve exceptional results.

Red Chalk Group’s engagement teams employ a rigorous, fact-based approach in conjunction with external industry insights to develop a strategic roadmap for success.

Case Studies

Enhanced Investment Perspectives

Enhancing investment perspectives to assist principal investors.

Go-to-Market Strategy: Vehicle Telematics

Implications of IoT in the automative vertical

Growth and M&A Strategy: Global Industrials

Exploring the secular shift from traditional business models to one of complex “portfolio growth management”.

Portfolio Knowledge Management: Telecommunications

Critically evaluating IP portfolios for opportunities to lower costs and/or monetize assets.

Licensing and Commercialization: Aerospace & Defense

Prioritizing licensing and commercialization opportunities.

M&A Support: Semiconductor Packaging

Understanding the technology landscape for new semiconductor packaging technologies.

Technology Landscape Analysis: Telecommunications

Executives need a clear, objective view of the IP technology landscapes for their next generation of products.

Digital Brand Protection

Digital brand protection programs are an essential tool for protecting intellectual property related to ones brand.