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Blockchain Advisory

Practice Overview

Leveraging our extensive involvement with disruptive technologies in FinTech, we are uniquely positioned to provide guidance on distributed ledgers and the impacts to the ecosystems, value-chains, and strategies of incumbents.


Blockchain News

Track Blockchain developments through our daily news feed or subscribe to our weekly news roundup that summarizes important Blockchain news by major industry segments.


Blockchain Summit

Join us for a unique Blockchain event dedicated to the $1+ trillion insurance marketplace. Designed as an insurance industry forum for senior executives to engage leading industry and Blockchain experts as they address top-of-mind issues.

Research Snapshot

Loan Operations: Blockchain Removes the Need for Internal Central Authorities

Blockchain requires financial institutions to reexamine operations that function as a central authority.

Research Snapshot

Applying Blockchain to Loan Operations

As Blockchain develops, lending institutions are exploring new ways to apply the nascent technology.

Blockchain Lab

Red Chalk Group provides its clients with access to an enterprise-class Blockchain lab staffed with recognized technology leaders. The capability greatly accelerates proof of concept testing timelines and reduces implementation risk.

Insurance & Blockchain – Signal vs. Noise

The insurance industry is actively evaluating Blockchain and looking closely at its potential. Along the way, each company will have unique reasons for adopting Blockchain, and Red Chalk Group can assist those looking to navigate the Blockchain enabled future for insurance.

Research Snapshot

Solving Healthcare Pain Points with Blockchain

We highlight our current thinking on Blockchain applications in Healthcare and describe our development prototypes.

Research Snapshot

KYC Blockchain Platform

One of the most important regulatory compliance functions in financial services has arguably become Know Your Customer (KYC).

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