Week Ending August 26, 2016

Each week brings a voluminous amount of news on blockchain and sorting through it can be daunting.   That is why we at Red Chalk Group are making it easy for you.  Now each week we will be bringing you the three things you need to know about blockchain this week. 

After scouring the blockchain world, three developments have been identified.  Up first, the Corda white paper was released.  Corda is blockchain platform designed specifically for smart contracts in financial services.  The group R3CEV filed a patent application for Corda, which is interesting in itself.  Among the differences between Corda and a standard blockchain is that the standard blockchain reaches consensus on a transaction as a whole.  Corda enables consensus to be reached on the individual steps of a process.   It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Consider that the generally accepted blockchain protocols (GABPTM) are still being developed.  Hyperledger likely has an interesting view on this topic.

Also this week, a group comprised of UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and BNY Mellon announced plans to launch a proprietary digital currency.  They join Goldman Sachs, which has filed a patent for “SETLcoin”, Citigroup, and JP Morgan, which are also working on proprietary digital currencies.  Why are these major banks making this effort?  Because using digitized currency facilitates trading of securities – or anything really – over blockchain.  The potential annual savings in trading costs is near $100.0 billion. 

The World Economic Forum released a report that considers the impact of blockchain on financial services.  The report is based on research done over the course of prior year, with interviews done with stake holders and experts from around the globe.  The report delivered six key insights and nine potential use cases.  The key findings were balanced and sober.  The report provides excellent insights into the benefits and challenges of distributed ledgers.




Financial Services

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Uses and Applications

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Thought Leadership

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