Week Ending December 23, 2016

Three things to know

We usually take a micro view of Blockchain examining the companies that are actively developing Blockchain infrastructure.  Because we are nearing year end, this week we are going to take a macro view to review 2016 and to better understand where the technology stands and what it means heading into 2017.

We begin with a paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research. In a white paper entitled, Some Simple Economics of the Blockchain, the research considers the broad implications of Blockchain for current revenue models, incumbent market power, and entrepreneurial ability to develop new markets.

In The Rise of the Enterprise Blockchain – How 2016 Signaled a Shift, Emily Vaughn looks back at how Blockchain has gotten to this point and how companies are likely to respond and adapt to Blockchain in 2017. 

Next, in the article Why Collaboration Will Drive Blockchain’s Success in 2017, Richard Colin of Thomson Reuters explains why collaboration matters to the development of Blockchain.  The short answer: more collaboration equals better results.

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

Overstock Just Closed its First Day of Blockchain Stock Trading

Looking for advice on using blockchain to collect payments and send money around the world, to …

ABN Amro launches pilot blockchain application for Commercial Real Estate

Top tech stats: SME equity finance, Blockchain’s potential in real estate & more

ICAP looks to process forex trades on blockchain

Goldman, JPMorgan to invest in blockchain startup Axoni: sources

Why Blockchain Won’t Be Connecting Banks in 2017

Blockchain in Finance: From Buzzword to Watchword in 2016

State Street tests blockchain system for securities lending

Big Banks Are Stocking Up on Blockchain Patents

Blockchain patent filings by Goldman, others tip future cost risk


Blockchain: Healthcare has ‘most aggressive deployment plans of any industry’

IBM blockchain in healthcare rallies for patients

Global Study: 16% of Healthcare Orgs Ready to Commercialize Blockchains in 2017
Blockchain solutions to make a splash in healthcare in 2017: 7 insights

Innovation Ignition Competition invites blockchain projects for healthcare

UK Blockchain Startup Aims to Revamp Energy Sector from the Top-Down


Microsoft partners with AMIS to form Asia’s first blockchain consortium

Experts Gather in Mumbai to Discuss the Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain in India

Rotterdam Real Estate Transactions to Trial Blockchain

‘Blockchain was meant for Africa’
Lykke Allows Users to Trade SolarCoin on Its Platform

Could blockchain revolutionize the Middle East?

Blockchain Tech Ignores USD, Allows Baht-Yuan Transfers in Thailand, China

Expert urges Thailand be blockchain early adopter

Banque de France performs interbank blockchain experiment

Singapore Overtakes HK in Fintech Race, Friendly Bitcoin & Blockchain Regulations

Euroclear Bankchain Completes First Market Pilot for Blockchain Gold Settlement

BNP Paribas says makes first real-time blockchain payments for clients

French Central Bank Conducts an “Interbank Blockchain Experiment”

Crypto Experts Team Up to Give Impulse to Blockchain Revolution in Nigeria

Banks in lead as various players jockey for position on blockchain, BBVA’s Sieber says

Canadian Mint joins private blockchain platform

New Chinese Committee Bids on Blockchain to Disrupt Logistics
UK Startup to Use Blockchain for Meter Registration


SEC ramps up blockchain efforts

Dear Mr. Trump: To ‘Cyber’ Better, Try the Blockchain

Blockchain technology could minimize risk from data attacks 

Uses and Applications

Wal-Mart Readies Blockchain Pilot for Tracking US Produce, China Pork

5 Incredible Ways the Blockchain is Reshaping the Supply Chain

Podcast: Jesse Grushack – Music Industry 2.0

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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT) Equips Blockchain to Track U.S Produce of pork

The potential of blockchain technology for airlines

Blockchain and IoT: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Kouvola Innovation: transforming the logistics industry with blockchain

Publicism Embarks on Mission to Guarantee Press Freedom with Blockchain Technology

Thought Leadership

Sectors urged to gear for blockchain
Blockchain market for businesses will grow to $20B in 10 years, report says

Blockchain Is 2016’s Biggest Tsunami Says Major Software Company

Ether Camp’s Virtual Accelerator to Incubate Startups using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain: Boldly Going Beyond Bitcoin

Proof of Luck: An Efficient Blockchain Consensus Protocol
Blockchain ‘Crypto’ Crowdfunding Phenomenon Primed for Industry Disruption & Beyond

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ConsenSys Looks to Establish Blockchain Tokenization Standards

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Towards a Clearer Understanding of Blockchain’s True Value

Walmart Testing Blockchain Technology for Supply Chain Management

Bringing in and Breaking Out: 10 Bitcoin and Blockchain Predictions for 2017

Blockchain Tracker: Will 2017 Be the Year of Regulation?

Blockchain: The Future of Money Is Borderless, Autonomous, and Transparent

Ledger Publishes First Volume of Peer-Reviewed Blockchain Research

Exclusive Interview With ‘Blockchain Company of the Year’ Host Bitcoin PR Buzz

Blockchain is more than just a digital currency unit. Here we shed light on some applications that …

Blockchain is Transforming the World