Week Ending December 30, 2016

Three things to know

This week we look back at the startups and stories of 2016 and look ahead into 2017.  As Blockchain grows, it is important to review the progress that has been made and to focus on how much remains.  Though 2016 was indeed a great year for Blockchain, as Frank Sinatra sang, the best is yet to come.  To that end we provide a group of predictions that have been made from around the Blockchain industry, including predictions from our good friend at Consensys, Andrew Keys.  

Cheers everyone.  Here is to a great 2017, Happy New Year!

Top 3 Blockchain Startups of 2016

5 biggest blockchain stories of 2016

Blockchain prophet Andrew Keys has 17 predictions for 2017

Blockchain Predictions for 2017

4 Reasons 2017 Will Be Blockchain’s Banner Year 

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

Tech, Media & Telecom More Aggressive Blockchain Investors than Financial Services

SLUSH 2016 Gems: Blockchain – The Holy Grail of Fintech

Blockchain Crowdfunding Meets Kickstarter: Is This the Future?

Blockchain Promises Accountants, Auditors and Their Clients Better Data Sooner and Cheaper

Blockchain Patent Wars Heating Up Among Big Banks

Syscoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System with Blockchain-Based Services for E-Business
Bitfury Executive Predicts: In 2017, Bitcoin’s Blockchain will Likely be at Helm of Financial Revolution

World’s First Cryptocurrency Fund Listed on Exchange

Who owns blockchain? Goldman, BofA amass patents for coming wars

Blockchain: The Impact on the Real Estate Industry


Supply Chain: how blockchain can secure the medical supply chain of

16 Percent of Healthcare Companies to Have Commercial Blockchain Solutions in 2017

Blockchain Figures into Germany’s NEW 4.0 100 Percent Renewable Energy Plan


Advocacy Group Offers Blockchain Education, Technical Assistance Throughout Asia

China to Support Blockchain Development Under New Five-Year Plan

Hong Kong banks should carefully monitor regulatory developments around blockchain technology …

Why 2017 Will Take Blockchain in South Korea to New Heights

Korea’s Central Bank Considers ‘Supernode’ for Blockchain Oversight

Bank of Korea considers blockchain implementation in settlement system

Blockchain Forex Consortium adds Japan-based Fukui Bank

Is the Blockchain Rush a Search for Fool’s Gold?

Dubai immigration agency looks to blockchain to curb illegal resident entry

UAE Pushes Blockchain Tech Development to Become a Leading Center for Innovation
Expert: African Regulatory Environment Has To Change For Blockchain Innovation To Flourish

How Blockchain Could Help Strengthen Developing Nations

South African Fintech Firm to Launch Blockchain-based Identity Verification in 2017

Moscow-based Vnesheconombank to explore blockchain technology in 2017

Russian Airline and a Bank Execute a Blockchain Service Payment

Real Estate Blockchain Platform Joins University of British Columbia Research Collaboration 


Sorry – the government is not weighing in this week 

Uses and Applications

In the Next Cyber Wars, Bitcoin Blockchain Is a More Reliable Defense Than Central Systems

Blockchain technology could help ensure security of any information says Kaspersky Lab chief …

How Can the Blockchain Technology Take the Security of IoT

I Want the Truth: Could Blockchain Stop Online News Distortion?

Blockchain Poker

Startup Uses Blockchain to Crackdown on Wine Fraud

Blockchain secures wine, hints at digital identity future

Bitcoin Block Size and Scaling Issues May Be Solved with This New Solution

Accenture explores potential of blockchain in airlines

IBM Investing in the Future of Blockchain

Susanne Tarkowski on How Smart Contracts Can Add Value to Your Business

Outlier Ventures launches Blockchain Corporate Tracker
Planetoids: The First Blockchain-Based Artificial Life Forms by: Giulio Prisca

Blockchain Age

Draglet Expends its Services to Blockchain Applications, Changes Pricing Model

2016 – a Year of Institutional Adoption, Hype and Drama for Blockchain 

Thought Leadership

The Future of Blockchain Technology Needs More than Just Developers

Without Segwit There is No Lightning Network

Increasing Blockchain Patents May Soon Hamper Innovation

How should blockchain be regulated?

How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer

Consortia Key to Blockchain’s Success, Says Deloitte

How to ensure a secured blockchain methodology

Sahni Looks at the Impact of Blockchain and Cybersecurity on Fintech

2017’s Big Question: Who Pays for the Blockchain?