Week Ending December 9 2016

Three things to know

The non-profit group Stellar is using Blockchain to develop a network for cross-border remittances in developing countries.  Stellar believes that the global financial infrastructure should function as a utility and be more like the internet.  With that in mind, the company has created a remittance network for developing countries such as Africa, India, and the Philippines.

In healthcare, the software developer Pokitdok announced the five trends that they see most impacting healthcare in 2017.  Number one on the list: Blockchain.  That’s right, in 2017 Blockchain is expected to move from theoretical to production.  Healthcare may have as much as or potentially even more areas that can be improved through Blockchain than even financial services.

In energy, peer-to-peer energy sharing is making headway, as Siemens and LO3 are working together to further develop the new model.  The model is solar-based allows solar users to become producers and develop “microgrids”. Time will tell if the model gains traction. The greater impact might be the potential learning that can potentially be provided to other areas of energy.

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