Week Ending February 17, 2017

Three things to know

It’s no longer a question of if the healthcare industry can benefit from Blockchain, it is a question of when.  Blockchain has numerous applications in healthcare, ultimately it will integrate and connect a variety of systems which allow patient controlled data access.  Humana CEO Bruce Broussard refers to Blockchain as “the next dramatic innovation in healthcare…”.  Is Blockchain The Answer to The EHR Dilemma?

Tramonex, a London-based cash flow management company, is now a registered small electronic money transmitter.  The Financial Conduct Authority made this its first-ever money transmitter license to a Blockchain technology company.  The registration allows Tramonex to launch a Blockchain-based currency in the UK.  UK Government Grants Permission to Issue Blockchain-Based Currency

The one year anniversary of Hyperledger was this month and there is no doubt that the collaborative effort is off to a great start.  The Linux Foundation, which hosts the Hyperledger project, kicked off the project last February with 30 members and added 80 new members.  The Hyperledger community became global and now boasts nearly 9,000 members.  The Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth Lake, two of the open source projects, had 25 proof of concepts and pilots.  The effort has strong momentum beginning its second year and is likely to see membership and activity increase. Hyperledger Blockchain Turns One – Director Brian Behlendorf Updates

Weekly Blockchain

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Uses and Applications

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