Week Ending February 24, 2017

Three things to know

Northern Trust went live with a Blockchain system intended to handle the administrative functions of private equity funds. The system, built using Hyperledger, records and documents fund transactions.  It is intended to increase transparency, increase security, and lower costs.

Northern Trust uses blockchain for private equity record-keeping

The Vice Chairman of Barclays stated strong opinions about Blockchain and its impact on society.  He sees it being applied first to areas that are not currently operating as well as they could, with capital markets particularly benefitting from the improved processes and lower costs.  Blockchain Could Be a New Operating System for the Planet Says Jeremy Wilson, Vice Chairman …

Hyperledger gained a new member this week, as Daimler AG joined the Blockchain group. Daimler joined the group to collaborate with experts on several Blockchain topics, including supply chain and financing.  Daimler AG joins other large manufacturers in Hyperledger, such as Airbus, and is the first automaker to join the group. German automobile giant Daimler AG joins Hyperledger blockchain project as premier member   Blockchain Is Coming to the Auto Industry, and Not Just for Financing

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

Fermat announces alpha release of blockchain-enabled open source project

Secretive ‘Enterprise Ethereum’ Project Draws Mixed Reactions at EDCON 2017

MUFG streamlines check processing with blockchain

Hybrid Stock Exchange Introduces Blockchain Technology

Why Nasdaq Is Even More Optimistic About Blockchain Than It Was 3 Years Ago

Major Banks Use Blockchain Prototype for Live Oil Trade

Op-ed: The Venture Capital Perspective on Blockchain Technology  


PokitDok Launches on AWS Marketplace, Becomes APN Advanced Technology Partner

Blockchain’s potential use cases for healthcare: hype or reality?

Investigating Blockchain’s Role in Health Info Exchange

An IPFS addressable storage model for healthcare with blockchain


A New Coalition Looks to Accelerate the Pace of Blockchain in the Energy Sector

Blockchain Technology


Canada’s Central Bank is ‘Open’ to More Blockchain Tests

Blockchain Intelligence Group rolls out QLUE version codename Deep Cove

Sberbank’s Head Predicts Large Scale Implementation of Blockchain in 2.5 Years

Moscow to host international blockchain conference 

EU Parliament Report Explores Blockchain’s ‘Substantial Impact’

Nespresso France leads companies tracking sustainable actions on blockchain

Cryptocurrency News Videos: Austria Provided Energy on Blockchain

Mizuho Completes Blockchain Recordkeeping, Digital Currency Trials

Japan’s Largest Bank is Testing Digitized Checks on a Blockchain in Singapore

XOTTO: The Blockchain Version of The Famous Hong Kong Mark Six Lottery Is Out

SLASSCOM introduces Blockchain concept to Sri Lanka

Indian Banking Sector to Work on the “Bankchain”

How Bajaj Electricals uses blockchain to pay suppliers


Now the government jumps on the blockchain bandwagon

Fed’s Williams touts potential benefits of blockchain technology

Hawaii’s Blockchain Exploration Bill is Moving Forward

Blockchain Regulation Comes into Focus

Uses and Applications

Blockchain technology can solve several media industry problems

Introducing JAAK and MΞTA: A “Blockchain pilot for the Media & Entertainment Industry”

Blockchain Applications in Cybersecurity

Blockchain based social media

Blockchain technology – the latest in logistics

Why blockchain for recruitment might be a future HR trend

New Blockchain Smart Contract Token Developed by GameCredits

New Blockchain Partnership Proposes Solution for Remote Voting

Voatz and Clear Ballot to Explore Blockchain Technology for Remote Voting

Fidelity sees blockchain technology ensuring fair elections

Blockchain Startup Storj Targets Enterprise Cloud With $3 Million Raise

Global Blockchain Technology – Advanced Technologies

New Blockchain Smart Contract Token Developed by GameCredits

Blockchain Intelligence Group Launches QLUE Platform to Flush Out Suspicious Bitcoin Transfers

Zcash Unveils Roadmap for ‘Sapling’ Blockchain Upgrade

Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Others to Help Use Blockchain for Public Good

Thought Leadership

Blockchain: The Untapped Goldmine of Blockchain That Virtually No One Knows About

Blockchain and Digital Currency

Blockchain for dummies


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Keeps Moving Forward as More Innovators Jump In

Blockchain – A primer

Blockchain: A New Hope, or Just Hype?

Blockchain is the New Internet

Global Blockchain Technology

So… What’s a Blockchain?

Do You Believe in Blockchain Magic?

The New Frontier of Blockchain Disruption

How to make a success out of blockchain

Answer to black money could be a tech tool

Rebranding The DAO: The Controversial Blockchain Concept is Back

New IoT Cryptocurrency Tech ‘Evolved Beyond Blockchain’, Creators Say

An Introduction to Blockchain: A Cryptographic Perspective

Stable Tokens and Derivative Products to The Ethereum Blockchain

There’s finally a commercial use for blockchain tech in finance

We Don’t Need Blockchain: R3 Consortium After $59 Million Research

What’s Blockchain and Can It Help You Trust Your Data?

Brian Behlendorf explains the DevOps of Blockchain

Alex Tapscott: Blockchain Will Impact Consumers in Every Industry