Week Ending February 3, 2017

Three things to know 

The Central bank of Germany – the Bundesbank – collaborated with Deutsche Borse to develop a Blockchain settlement system.  The prototype was developed using Hyperledger and while it works, there is more work to be done to get it ready for widespread use.  The next stage is to increase the sophistication of the prototype to better compare the Blockchain settlement system with the current settlement system.

Deutsche Bundesbank reveals details of preliminary prototype for blockchain-based settlement

A widely diverse group of companies met to discuss the role of Blockchain in the internet of things (IoT).   Among the participants were Cisco, Foxconn, Skuchain, BNY Mellon, BitSE, Hashed Health, and others. The focus of the newly formed consortium is to “define the scope of implementation and protocol layers across major Blockchain systems”. Blockchain Vendor Efforts Center on IoT in IT Infrastructure

In healthcare, some feel the next twelve months must be spent understanding and developing the real applications for Blockchain.  Not only must real world applications be identified and developed, the business cases for those applications must be developed.  Through our work, we encounter a variety of use cases. Some of these use cases make sense for further development.  This group is further narrowed as the business case is detailed. Next 12 months will be crucial in finding uses for blockchain

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

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Uses and Applications

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