Week Ending January 20, 2017

Three things to know

The protection and safe-keeping of your personal financial data is an important issue.  To date, based on the frequency of theft of sensitive consumer financial information, it seems fair to say the current methods are inadequate.  Even as online purchasing has soared, the methods of protecting financial information have lagged.  Is Blockchain the solution to protecting consumer financial information?  The article lays out a solid case why online retailers and companies that have databases of customer information should be seriously considering Blockchain for cyber security. The Blockchain: Ending Data Hacks

Toyota Financial Services was the first auto financier join R3, as it quickly recognized the value of using Blockchain in auto finance. Toyota believes that Blockchain will increase transparency, increase efficiency, and lower costs.  Blockchain can deliver those benefits and more, including VIN tracking and ownership verification.  The benefits are clear, though adoption is slow.  These same benefits would also improve the auto insurance industry. Perhaps the next collaboration will be among auto lenders and auto insurers. We’ll see. How is Blockchain set to revolutionize the auto finance industry? 

This week the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) published a paper that takes steps toward helping companies that are implementing Blockchain to understand the potential regulatory implications.  The paper highlights considerations of implementing Blockchain, covers a long list of possible uses, and for each poses a set of questions that can be asked. FINRA is seeking comments on the considerations, which may be submitted through the end of 1Q17.  FINRA Seeks Comment on New Report on the Potential Implications of Blockchain

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