Week Ending January 27, 2017

Three things to know

Blockchain can significantly transform the reinsurance business. The current processes have very limited transparency, require extended time, and are expensive.  For example, to establish reinsurance among several parties requires months of sending documents to various parties.  Payouts are also a months-long process.  The process is inefficient, with some 50% to 80% of costs classified as friction costs.  Most interestingly, the article reports that more than half of insurance executives recognize the Blockchain is important, however 57% of executives don’t know how to respond. Blockchain & Reinsurance

The insurance industry consortium B3i is accelerating its work and plans to announce several new members over the next couple of months. Members of B3i see the consortium evolving into a SWIFT-like exchange that, among other benefits, ensures consistent and transparent contracts.  Among the motivations for the aggressive schedule, is the fear that leading technology companies will begin to offer insurance and do it cheaper, faster, and more effectively. Growing insurance consortium eyes industry-wide blockchain

Chinese banks are exploring Blockchain to improve systems and plan to soon begin upgrading current, outdated systems.  Among the factors that are accelerating this conversion is encouragement from regulators.  Blockchain is a regulatory dream, and by this point you know the reasons.  It is encouraging to see regulatory bodies begin to also recognize the benefits of Blockchain and actively advocate its adoption.  Will U.S. and European financial regulators follow suit?  Time will tell. China turns to blockchain to make markets clearer and cleaner

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