Week Ending January 6, 2017

Three things to know

Solar power may get a boost for greater consumer acceptance as the SolarCoin Foundation develops a rewards system for users. The Foundation has developed a Blockchain they call ElectriCChain to track and trade watts generated by solar panels.  For each megawatt of power that is generated, the user receives SolarCoin.

How a blockchain could revolutionize the energy sector

Following the groundbreaking 2016, Delaware is ramping up plans for 2017 as the State plans to go live with the smart contract version of UCC documents.  Delaware sees consumer benefits in the UCC filings on Blockchain. The new system will automate the release and renewal of the documents, increase search speed, reduce mistakes, and cut costs.
Delaware’s 2017 Resolution: Make Blockchain a Reality

UBS is moving into IoT through connected cars. UBS has partnered with Innogy SE and ZF to provide micropayments for items such as highway tolls, parking fees, or car sharing.  UBS stated they believe it is important to “experiment and learn” as IoT develops and becomes more integrated daily life.  UBS collaborates on blockchain-backed wallets for cars

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

State Street’s Blockchain Strategy: Big and Bold for 2017

Nasdaq’s Friedman outlines blockchain goals

Euroclear Bankchain Tests Blockchain-Based Gold Settlement Service

Press Release: The Seam to form Cotton Blockchain Consortium with IBM on Hyperledger Fabric

The top 9 VC investors in bitcoin & blockchain

Blockchain will revise banking reality


Du, NMC Healthcare partner to digitize health records
7 thoughts on the importance and future of blockchain in RCM

Mobile Telco Du Reveals New Blockchain Healthcare Partnership

16% of Healthcare Stakeholders Plan to Use Blockchain by 2017
Home News Healthcare Sector Plans to Move Hard and Fast to Blockchain in 2017

A New Model For Incentivizing Producers of Renewable Energy Via Ethereum’s Blockchain


China hot on blockchain in latest Five Year Plan

Puercoins block chain finance brings about new wave for investment in China. The global strategy …

Microsoft unveils first sports blockchain BraveLog to launch officially on January 07

S7 Airlines and Alfa Bank Test Blockchain for B2B Payment in Russia

Russia’s AFI proposes blockchain implementation for client identification

Russian Government Considers Blockchain for Improving National Payment System

Republic of Georgia to Introduce Blockchain Platform for Real Estate Documents
 Can Be A Powerful Tool For Indian Businesses

Former NSE India executive launches blockchain-powered cybersecurity startup Block Armour

India’s YES BANK Integrates Blockchain Technology and IBM’s Watson AI

London Scene Last 2016 Roundup: Insurance Markets Embrace Blockchain, Satoshi Spotted

French Credit Mutuel Arkea working with International Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: IBM …

Europe’s PSD2 Allows Third Parties to Offer Banking, Means Collapse of Traditional Finance

Tymlez and Magic Software Benelux team up to develop blockchain applications for enterprises

Blockchain technology could help integrate Europe’s financial markets BNY Mellon EMEA IC Head

Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) Launches in Davos

Mexico’s Largest Bank Acquires Fintech Payments Startup Openpay


Washington DC and Beijing Launch of Blockchain Lab for UN Sustainable Development Goals

A Slow Awakening: 2016 in US Blockchain Policy

US Treasury Insurance Advisors to Discuss Blockchain

Utilizing the Blockchain & Smart Contract Technologies to Create a Decentralized Government 

Uses and Applications

Former IBM President Joins the Blockchain Advisory Board of I/O Digital

The Hyperledger Blockchain Project adds 8 New Members

Logistics Consortium Forges Path in Blockchain

New blockchain innovation group aims to boost awareness of the technology
How Blockchain Technology Can Improve the Airline Industry

Charlie Shrem’s Post-Prison Blockchain Firm Sees Gold in Garbage

Blockchain could facilitate exchange of threat intelligence among industries: Frost & Sullivan

John McAfee to Make Email Systems Great Again with Blockchain

Can the Blockchain Kill Fake News?

Secure Multi-party Computing Using Bitcoin’s Blockchain
 Tracker: Cost-Saving Opportunity

A Secure Model of IoT with Blockchain

Thought Leadership

2016: The Year of Blockchain Hubris
Op-ed: Vitalik Buterin – Blockchain’s Person of the Year

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Blockchain Predictions For 2017

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Combination of IoT blockchain and AI would enable sustainable development agenda at scale UNEP

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Times Safety Changer partner to provide blockchain solutions for enterprise information sharing

Maximizing Security of Cloud Storage Providers Using PGP and Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Goes Mainstream
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What Experts Are Predicting for 2017 in Bitcoin and Blockchain Tech by: Michael Scott