Week Ending March 17, 2017

Three things to know

Don Tapscott – author of the book “Blockchain Revolution” – has established the Blockchain Research Institute.  The Institute will focus its research efforts on eight industries, or verticals, and horizontal activities such as supply chain.  The Institute has eight founding members and Mr. Tapscott expects there to be 30 members when by the official launch in April.  Mr. Tapscott noted that much of the research will be in the public domain, as he wants the work of the Institute to be a “…rising tide that lifts all ships”.  ‘Blockchain Revolution’ Authors Launch Enterprise Research Effort

Illinois continues to make progress on becoming the U.S. Blockchain hub. Jennifer O’Rourke, Blockchain liaison for Illinois, announced that Illinois has joined the Blockchain consortium R3, becoming the first state agency in the nation to become a member.  Additionally, Ms. O’Rourke announced the newly created Illinois Blockchain Legislative Task Force and the Illinois Blockchain Advisory Committee.    Illinois Government Unveils Expansive Blockchain Support Plan

Could Blockchain have prevented the Dole Foods situation? During a class action lawsuit, it was discovered that there were 12 million more shares outstanding than previously thought.  For people that regularly study Blockchain and consider its possible uses, it is quite evident that Blockchain could be an effective tool in eliminating these types of situations.  How the ‘Dole Stock Crisis’ is Reigniting the Push for Blockchain

Weekly Blockchain  

Financial Services

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Canada can be global leader in blockchain technology: report

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Chinese Bank Union to Tackle Receipt Forgery with Blockchain 


Arizona Senate Shoots Down Blockchain Gun Tracking Bill

Delaware is Drafting Law That Would Recognize Blockchain Records

Uses and Applications

Bitcoin’s ‘creator’ races to patent technology with gambling tycoon

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