Week Ending March 24, 2017

Three things to know

HBR produces another insightful article that explores the use of Blockchain by utility providers.  The article hypothesizes that Blockchain will enable greater use of microgrids, smart grids, and increase consumer mobility among providers.  Consumer mobility should be further explored. If consumers are more mobile and therefore more likely to seek the best provider, then competition among utility providers increases. As competition among utility providers increases, what is the likely regulatory impact?  How Utilities Are Using Blockchain to Modernize the Grid

To more efficiently and effectively meet its goals, the G20 is broadly adopting Blockchain.  The G20 considers Blockchain to be the key to providing financial services to populations that have traditionally not had access.  Also, they recognize that Blockchain can provide policymakers with real-time data to increase the effectiveness of risk management.

G20 Report: Blockchain “Holds Key” To “Inclusive Global Economy”

A new bill (398) in Nevada has been proposed that will create a legal basis for Blockchain and smart contracts and prohibit local governments from taxing the use of Blockchain and/or requiring special licenses to use Blockchain.  Could this be a signal that the gaming industry has recognized the benefits of Blockchain and is laying the groundwork for implementation? 

Nevada Lawmaker Moves to Block Taxes on Blockchain Transactions

Weekly Blockchain

Financial Services

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 – A New Era for the Energy Market?

Blockchain a ‘potentially significant enabler’ for solar in the UK

IBM delivers blockchain carbon management 


Bank of England launches fintech community; to work on blockchain and AI proof of concept

Blockchain development in Australia overseen by eight regulatory bodies

China, Blockchain & The Holy Grail of Marketplace Lending

G20 Should Create Central Bank Blockchain Consortium, Report Says

IOT Meets DLT and Blockchain meets M-Pesa in Africa

Japanese exchange-run blockchain consortium announces 26 participating members
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The EU is Now Targeting “Unpermissioned” Blockchains

The UN’s WFP Uses the Blockchain to Feed Hungry Families


Nothing this week 

Uses and Applications

Blockchain Is Helping Us Feed the World’s Hungriest Families

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Blockchain: CRM’s Next Frontier

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ZrCoin crowdfunds commodities option on the blockchain

Thought Leadership
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