Week Ending March 31, 2017

Three things to know

The Arizona Governor signed into law a bill legalizing blockchain signatures and smart contracts.  Arizona becomes the second state to legally recognize smart contracts, after Vermont.  Expect to see more states advance similar bills, as Blockchain proliferates.  The next state to do so could potentially be Illinois. Illinois is Blockchain/Fintech-friendly and the Cook County Recorder office is in the process of shifting land titles to Blockchain.  Arizona Governor Signs Blockchain Bill into Law

Trade finance continues to be a Blockchain focus-area.  The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, along with five participating banks have completed a trade finance proof of concept (PoC).  The PoC demonstrated that Blockchain can be effective in trade finance, as the project revealed multiple benefits.  Phase 2, the pilot phase, will expand the number of participants and represent the trade finance ecosystem. Hong Kong Central Bank Partners on DLT Trade Finance Test

Closer to home, Blockchain can be applied to everyday real estate transactions. Using Blockchain in real estate can accelerate the transaction process, reduce fraud, and increase transparency.  Real estate transactions are likely to be among the most disrupted by Blockchain adoption with some benefitting more than others. Title insurers are likely to be among the most disrupted by Blockchain, while mortgage originators and mortgage services are likely to experience lower costs.  What Will be the Use of Blockchain in Real Estate

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Blockchain can help secure medical devices, improve patient privacy

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