Week Ending November 11, 2016

Three things to know

This week’s focus is on the equity markets, as two countries develop equity exchanges using Blockchain infrastructure. Also, a survey of capital markets done by Deutsche Bank is highlighted.

The first stock exchange to be constructed solely for Blockchain is expected to go live in 2017. ScotEx, a group made up of former Nasdaq and Scottish investors, are developing plans for the first independent stock exchange in Scotland since 1973.  ScotEx will be denominated in the pound Sterling and focus on trading the SCOTS-30 index. All trades will be cleared instantly, without a clearing house and trades will settle within 15 minutes of the trade. 

Meanwhile in Myanmar, the Yangon stock exchange is establishing its own Blockchain-based equities exchange.  Among the reasons for developing the Blockchain-based exchange is the fact that there is no single point of failure, which is important in a developing economy with frequent power outages. Another key factor in the decision is the security Blockchain provides.

These two developments are consistent with a survey completed by Deutsche Bank, in which 200 market participants were surveyed.  Some 75% of the survey participants believe Blockchain will be widely used in capital markets within the next 3 to 6 years. Also, consistent with the findings of the Yangon exchange, 48% of survey respondents stated system failures are the most important issue Blockchain can resolve.

Around the world, multiple and differentiated uses continue to be developed for Blockchain.  Its use is no longer a novelty and within a few years is likely to be the standard.

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