Engagement Approach

Because each client issue is unique, we are very thoughtful in engaging with our clients. The following concepts are the core elements of our approach and designed to maximize the results for our clients.

Our approach to client engagement is grounded in a deep appreciation for the unique nature of each client’s challenges. We take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to ensure that we fully understand their needs before developing a tailored solution. Our approach is centered around core concepts that are designed to optimize results and maximize value for our clients. By prioritizing this approach, we can deliver high-quality service and achieve impactful outcomes for our clients.


Establish a collaborative effort
We seek to work with our clients, not for them. By establishing a collaborative work environment, we can achieve better results by ensuring that our solutions are supported, pragmatic, and appropriate given the specific situation. We also hope to enhance both our capabilities and the clients’ capabilities through close interaction.

Tailor the team to the engagement
At Red Chalk Group, we match the skill set of our resources with those required for the engagement. We will draw upon our global network of technical experts to staff the engagement as appropriate.

Apply a top-management perspective
We look at all matters from a top-management perspective, maximizing impact across the broadest possible set of business, technical, and legal issues.

Conduct the appropriate level of research and due diligence
In all cases, we work to ensure that we have a strong understanding of the facts and issues prior to taking actions and making recommendations. By investing a bit more upfront, early in the process, we can eliminate uncertainty and ensure that our clients have the highest level of confidence in our work.

Maintain client privilege and confidentiality
We do not discuss our clients or the work we do on their behalf.

Typical Engagement Approach

Our typical engagements are between 2 weeks and 3 months in duration, depending upon the nature of the issue involved.

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