Digital / Disruptive Technologies

The pace of technological change and innovation has elevated the risk of complacency for incumbents and new entrants alike.

Red Chalk Group specializes in the development of strategies that leverage disruptive technology capabilities to improve product portfolio positioning, raise barriers to competition, and innovate to take market share.  Our teams leverage comprehensive technology assessments, independent expert feedback, and scenario-based market planning to help position clients for success.

Disruptive Technology Strategy Development

Rapidly evolving technology environments can cause structural market shifts that result in altered market dynamics, business models, and consumer preferences.  In this context, our engagement teams have developed successful strategies that offer structured perspective under uncertain market environments, assess future technology scenarios and options, and identify opportunities and risks associated with inaction, affording senior leaders the ability to confidently navigate the impact of technology disruption on traditional businesses.

New Revenue Platforms

As digital capabilities proliferate and technological advances drive change, organizations are presented with opportunities to leverage digital channels, tools, and models to augment their participation, share position, and monetization options.  Red Chalk Group has advised organizations on the strategies required for successful capabilities buildout through a deep understanding of market trends, competitive dynamics, and customer needs that are shifting decision-making, ultimately enabling organizations to target high-priority customers and pursue tailored monetization models to optimize the value of digital assets as part of an overall enterprise strategy.

Ecosystem Development

As digital offerings expand, opportunities have emerged to generate broader value through network effects, which demand the development of an ecosystem.  Our teams have developed novel strategies that provide structured value-creation frameworks for emerging ecosystems, resulting in differentiated value propositions, sustained competitive advantages, and unique partnership opportunities.

Future Market Scenario Planning

Disruptive forces can significantly alter the traditional market, channel, and customer dynamics, resulting in uncertainty related to future market environments.  Through analysis of technology dynamics, market trends, and primary industry feedback, Red Chalk Group has developed scenario-based assessments to identify, assess, and prioritize future market states and understand key implications, ultimately enabling decision-making confidence under uncertainty. 

Business Model Innovation

Digital capabilities and disruptive technologies enable new options for monetization and product / service sales.  Our engagement teams have developed business model strategies based on a deep understanding of market dynamics, monetization options, and customer preferences to identify and validate new business model options, optimize resource allocation, and maximize synergies with existing business models.