Innovation and Intellectual Property

As organizations face increasing competition and the threat of disruption from incumbents and new entrants, innovation is a key – though elusive – topic that senior decision makers must consider.

Red Chalk Group can assist corporations in the development of strategies, processes, and organization which enable innovation and drive long-term competitive advantage.

Innovation Strategy Roadmap

Innovation requires companies to execute on new, uncertain paths in order to create value for their organization vis-à-vis competitors. Through a comprehensive technology evaluation, a deep understanding of customers’ unmet needs, and scenario-based analysis of future market dynamics, Red Chalk Group specializes in developing strategic frameworks and technology roadmaps to define and prioritize technology investments and generate long-term value for the organization.

New Product and Service Development

New product and service development drives incremental value creation by expanding your product portfolio strategy and addressing new markets / customers. Red Chalk Group specializes in understanding and prioritizing potential customers, evaluating shifting market dynamics, and assessing customer willingness to pay for products and services that serve untapped markets.

Intellectual Property Assessment

Intellectual property is a key aspect of an organization’s overall operational strategy and can be leveraged to achieve improved market / competitive positioning and ultimately grow enterprise value. Red Chalk Group assists in a current-state view evaluation of IP portfolios, identifying gaps and risks, and developing a strategy to leverage IP assets optimally.

IP Organizational Strategy

IP can be leveraged in varying ways across an organization, presenting the opportunity for organizations to streamline their strategy to improve operations. Research and development teams can operate more efficiently through more actionable insights and enable the organization to better monetize their IP assets to improve bottom-line value. Red Chalk Group has helped organizations develop processes and incentives to promote the development of intellectual property to create long-term enterprise value.