Technology Landscape Analysis: Telecommunications

Case Study
The telecommunications equipment industry is increasingly global in nature and evolving at ever faster speeds. As a result, executives need a clear, objective view of the IP technology landscapes for their next generation of products.

Red Chalk Group works closely with many leading telecom firms to understand the contours of their technologies, markets, and competitors. We recently worked with a leading telecom player to develop a detailed landscape for an emerging satellite-to-mobile technology. Through this effort, senior management was able to clearly communicate to shareholders the strength of its technology position and better direct R&D and M&A activity.


By breaking down and decomposing the emerging technology into core components, an exhaustive global search was performed for patents and applications which created a global IP footprint for the new technology.

Red Chalk Group’s proven methodology, data, and deep telecom expertise helped filter through several thousand patents and applications down to an essential few (~20).

The extensive research and analysis was then synthesized for the management team into a set of key messages that could drive internal decision-making:

  • 10 direct competitors held essential and implementation-related IP for this technology, but no player had more than two patents (i.e., nascent market)
  • One specific competitor held less essential IP than was originally expected.
  • Our client held some of the essential IP in the space, but lacked a strong application pipeline.
  • 5 small startups were developing important applications in the technology and thus were strong acquisition targets.

Client Impact

The deep, objective view of the technology landscape provided senior management with the necessary data and insight to make decisions on future R&D spending and also where to direct M&A activity.