Licensing and Commercialization: Aerospace & Defense

Case Study
By its very nature, the Aerospace & Defense industry creates some of the world’s most innovative and advanced technology.

However, companies in this industry frequently struggle to capitalize on their inventions beyond the immediate application for which they were developed. Red Chalk Group has the experience and expertise to assist Aerospace & Defense clients in monetizing and leveraging their intellectual property outside the defense sector.

Recently, a leading Aerospace & Defense company with a patent portfolio of greater than 5,000 families engaged Red Chalk Group to prioritize its licensing and commercialization opportunities. As a result of our collaboration, our client was able to focus its scarce internal resources on those opportunities of greatest potential.


The three step effort required a categorization of all 5,000 patent families into a technology taxonomy with approximately 125 categories and subcategories:

Subsequently, we assessed the monetization opportunity for each category by evaluating both the strength of the patents as well as the strength of the associated market opportunity. By understanding these two components, we were able to prioritize our client’s overall licensing and commercialization efforts.

Finally, for those categories of greatest potential, we identified the specific companies and created a communication plan for initiating discussions.

Client Impact

As a result of this effort, our client:

  • Redirected its licensing & commercialization activities to those high potential categories
  • Accelerated the monetization of its portfolio

Importantly, this detailed effort demonstrated the need to build commercial market expertise and skills beyond that which is inherently embedded in Aerospace and Defense companies.