Quantum Computing as the Next Frontier

Jul 9, 2024 | Technology

As Semiconductor-based processing reaches physical limits of transistor density on Silicon wafers, calling into question Moore’s Law, the next frontier for processing power / performance growth is required to address significant demand for compute – Quantum represents a path forward.

Key features include superposition, entanglement, and interference, resulting in substantially faster and more energy-efficient operations (up to 1,000,000x more operations per second) to support applications such as AI / ML and cryptography; however, these benefits come with critical technology challenges – namely, error rates, scalability issues, and qubit quality.

Quantum computing could address various industry challenges, which has garnered investment from a range of technology players, leaders (e.g., IBM, Google) as well as startups (e.g., Rigetti, QuEra), pursuing quantum processors with high qubit numbers coupled with low error rates.