Emissions Reduction in Concrete

Jun 26, 2024 | Construction

The cement and concrete industry is responsible for approximately 7% of global emissions, releasing over 2 gigatons of CO2 annually. To address the stringent targets set by governments worldwide to achieve net-zero emissions, both established and emerging companies have developed technologies aimed at reducing emissions across the concrete manufacturing value chain.

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technologies, though currently in the early stages of adoption, are projected to offer the highest potential for emissions reduction in the cement and concrete industry over the coming decades. In contrast, while other manufacturing innovations are more widely adopted today, their long-term impact is expected to be lower than that of CCUS. Furthermore, solutions focused on raw materials and end-of-life procedures for concrete could also contribute significantly to emissions reductions, contingent on broader adoption.

These trends have spurred various high-profile projects, attracting industry and investor interest in these technologies as companies strive to enhance sustainability, comply with regulations, and improve product quality.