Warehouse Automation Ecosystem

Aug 30, 2023

Based on the rapid growth / expansion of e-commerce and logistics, software has become a critical enabler and nexus for the automation of warehousing. Given the data-centric environment of the warehouse efficiency, accuracy, and real-time tracking are important inputs to Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) to manage complex workflows, drive efficiency, and achieve optimization.
As the environment has evolved, companies have invested significantly across the landscape, including Software leaders expanding their coverage of workflows (e.g., Oracle / NetSuite), warehouse operators vertically integrating technology capabilities (e.g., Amazon / Kiva, Pegasus), and adjacent Automation providers entering the warehouse space (e.g., Honeywell / Intelligrated).

Going forward, the landscape is likely to evolve / mature based on continued integration of technology and data flows, convergence across categories, and potential M&A consolidation activities.