M&A Support: Semiconductor Packaging

Case Study
Semiconductor manufacturers strive to continually improve density, speed, power performance, and application integration across their product lines.

Increasingly, packaging breakthroughs are occurring outside of the R&D labs at large established players and are taking place in smaller, more nimble firms.

Recently, a leading semiconductor packaging company engaged Red Chalk Group to create a technology landscape for an emerging packaging technology that allowed greater chip density. Our client was seeking to quickly build its presence in this technology over the next 18 months and wanted to identify the leading companies in this emerging area as a basis for its M&A activity.


While developing the technology landscape it was critical to identify the leaders who were the earliest and had the highest strength patents in this technology.

Red Chalk Group’s proven methodology, data, and deep telecom expertise helped filter through several hundred companies and narrow the set down to 6 potential targets.

This analysis prepared a solid foundation for the client’s strategy group and M&A team to assess the merits of a potential acquisition:

  • Knowledge of strongest players
  • Understanding of strengths at a detailed, technology component level
  • Perspective on financial profile of potential targets
  • Improved level of in-house knowledge regarding the competitive landscape

Client Impact

This highly focused view of the technology landscape provided senior management with the necessary data and insight to make decisions on who best to acquire as they sought to build their presence in a new technology area.