M&A / Private Equity

Red Chalk Group has advised senior investment decision makers for over a decade on their pressing investment-related issues.

Our engagement teams leverage an independent, fact-based approach to due diligence, investment thesis development, and portfolio value creation to drive actionable insights and maximize the return on investment.

Commercial Due Diligence

A comprehensive understanding of an investment target, its operating environment, and value-creation opportunities forms the basis of a successful investment strategy. Red Chalk Group has advised LBO funds and middle-market private equity funds in pre-deal commercial due diligence to assess a target’s commercial and operational status. Our engagement teams leverage a combination of primary market analysis and industry feedback to assess a target’s commercial viability, competitive positioning within their market landscape, and future growth potential, ultimately resulting in an understanding of both opportunities and latent risks critical to the final investment decision.

Ideation and Investment Thesis Development

Acquisitions can generate value through differentiated means, and a well formulated investment thesis is required to optimize the return profile of assets. Our engagement teams support private equity and related investors through the development and validation of an investment thesis by employing rigorous structural industry analysis, competitor assessments, and primary market feedback, ultimately verifying the attractiveness of a target.

Joint Ventures and Alliances

Portfolio companies can generate differentiated value through collaborative efforts with other value chain / ecosystem participants. Our teams advise portfolio companies on the identification, evaluation, and prioritization of partnerships, strategic alliances, and JV opportunities, ultimately defining the strategic and financial implications associated with such a model.

Portfolio Value Creation Strategy

Post-investment, opportunities exist to drive growth in the value of a portfolio investment through the development of growth strategies, improved go-to-market and sales strategies, and optimized operational efficiency.  Our engagement teams specialize in identifying and prioritizing options to develop a roadmap for value creation through the investment horizon to maximize return profiles.