Connected Economy

The connected economy is driving broad-based impact across sectors.

Red Chalk Group has extensive experience advising corporate, business unit, and investment organizations on relevant Connected Economy technology issues across a range of sectors, including Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT), Connected Mobility / Transportation, Industry 4.0 / Industrial Internet, Smart Building, and Consumer & Home.

The Connected Economy has introduced a variety of new dynamics / trends which organizations have to navigate, including product innovation, emerging new entrants, business model shifts, and channel / sales evolutions. These dynamics have heightened the importance of incumbents thoroughly assessing technology changes in one’s industry and developing a strategic roadmap to develop a sustainable competitive advantage in the context of these evolutions.

Red Chalk Group has diverse experience advising incumbents on technology-driven issues across a range of segments in the Connected Economy, leveraging a deep understanding of technological innovation and rigorous, fact-based analysis. We have supported organizations in navigating uncertainty surrounding technology change in the Connected Economy and advising on optimal future positioning based on potential future outcomes.