Our Practices

  • Management Consulting

    We are routinely engaged by leading organizations as trusted strategic advisors to senior executives on critical, strategic growth initiatives across industries and sectors to deliver high-impact and actionable insights.

  • Investment Due Diligence

    Providing investment professionals with a deep and rigorous analysis of business, technology and legal issues critical to their investment holdings.

  • Patent Brokerage & Licensing

    Our dedicated team of brokerage professionals assists clients in the sale and acquisition of IP assets on a success-fee basis.

  • Litigation Support

    Leveraging IP litigation experience, our team of legal and technical experts delivers a broad set of services to support IP litigation including invalidity prior art searching, claim chart drafting, and damages assessment.

Case Studies

Featured Case Studies

  • Go-to-market Strategy
  • Growth and M&A Strategy
  • Portfolio Knowledge Management
  • Monetizing Abandoned IP Assets
  • M&A Support
  • Managing Unsolicited Offers
  • Licensing and Commercialization

Go-to-market Strategy: Vehicle Telematics

Few technologies have the transformative potential of the “internet of things”, a loose term involving the intercommunication and networking of previously non-intelligent, isolated devices. One of the most recent, and exciting, manifestations of the internet of things is within the automotive vertical. Termed “vehicle telematics”, the automotive world is actively adopting advanced software, connectivity, and user interfaces to drive a new era in the automotive industry.    

Growth Strategy

Growth and M&A Strategy: Global Industrials

The global diversified industrials space has been characterized by a secular shift from traditional business models to one of complex “portfolio management”. Managing global supply chains, riskier emerging markets’ exposure, dynamic cost structures, and a move from product-driven to “solution driven” value propositions challenge some of the leading manufacturers to maintain growth.

Portfolio Knowledge Management

Portfolio Knowledge Management: Telecommunications

Today, IP executives are being increasingly asked to look critically at their IP portfolios for opportunities to lower costs and/or monetize assets. With great frustration, many find that they are unable to tap into a cohesive set of data that provides a complete and current view into their portfolio - let alone one that integrates legal, technical, and business information. Instead, they face siloed, incomplete, and often stale data that does not adequately support decision making and too often goes little further than basic docket management-type data.

Monetizing Abandoned IP Assets

Monetizing Abandoned IP Assets: Semiconductor Industry

In this difficult economic environment, companies are looking even more closely at their product lines and BUs. Unprofitable BU's or non-core product lines are being aggressively wound down, and the associated IP (now stranded) is increasingly being looked at in efforts to extract any remaining value.

M&A Support

M&A Support: Semiconductor Packaging

Semiconductor manufacturers strive to continually improve density, speed, power performance, and application integration across their product lines. Increasingly, packaging breakthroughs are occurring outside of the R&D labs at large established players and are taking place in smaller, more nimble firms.

Managing Unsolicited Offers

Managing Unsolicited Offers: Telecommunications

The IP monetization market is evolving rapidly. With the entrance of new defensive aggregator models and NPEs into the market, operating companies are receiving an increasing number of unsolicited inquiries into their portfolios.

Not only are companies engaged in trying to sell or license their inventions, but they are also being approached by third party entities interested in buying specific patents. But what should a company do with an unsolicited offer for a few of its patents - particularly when the company does not know the value of those assets?

Licensing and Commercialization

Licensing and Commercialization: Aerospace & Defense

By its very nature, the Aerospace & Defense industry creates some of the world's most innovative and advanced technology. However, companies in this industry frequently struggle to capitalize on their inventions beyond the immediate application for which they were developed. Red Chalk Group has the experience and expertise to assist Aerospace & Defense clients in monetizing and leveraging their intellectual property outside the defense sector.