Brokerage & Licensing

For many patent holders, a simple all cash, upfront sale of a patent portfolio is not the best solution to maximize return. We have a deep network of companies, law firms, investors and individuals who are ready to partner with patent holders.

Proven success in patent sales, purchases, and licensing programs. Our dedicated team of brokerage professionals assists clients who are seeking to sell patents or acquire IP assets on a success-fee basis with no upfront cost.

Red Chalk’s Patent Brokerage and Licensing practice is an industry leader in the diverse patent monetization market. We serve a range of Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups, and individual inventors—helping them all extract value from their intangible assets. Our combination of legal, business, and technical skills with our vast network of contacts and a long term, relationship driven perspective has consistently delivered results for our clients.

From sales, to patent acquisition, to patent licensing, we custom tailor each engagement to meet timelines and revenue goals. While we often represent, large, highly valuable patent portfolios, we also help smaller patent portfolio owners maximize their value. As IP brokers, our engagements can take many forms, but most fall into four basic areas.

Services Provided:

  • Patent Sales and Licensing
  • Patent Identification
  • Patent Acquisition
  • Alternative Dispositions

Patent Sales and Licensing

Patents are a complicated asset whose value depends upon a number of factors including the strength and breadth of the claims, whether or not the invention is being practiced today (or the likelihood that it will be in the future), and the size of the impacted market and related revenues. There are also several factors that can decrease the value of a patent including encumbrances such as licenses, similar prior art, or issues with the prosecution history. A thorough understanding of these factors from a business, legal, and technical perspective will ensure that we realize the maximum value of your assets.

Red Chalk Group provides professional intellectual property brokerage services, which overcome the traditional barriers to patent transactions including:

  • The complexity of the patent sales process
  • The legal strength of the patent assets
  • Valuation of the assets
  • Encumbrances and other factors such as licenses
  • The lack of understanding of the buying market

Red Chalk Group’s deep intellectual property brokerage experience and rigorous patent sales process enables us to:

  • Effectively coordinate the mix of business, technical and legal skills to properly value the assets
  • Utilize our network to reach the broadest set of potential buyers
  • Develop marketing collateral
  • Set aggressive deadlines and manage the bidding process
  • Successfully facilitate the closing of transactions at the highest possible price

Patent Identification

Red Chalk Group is frequently engaged to identify specific patents to mitigate threats or strengthen a portfolio vis-à-vis a specific competitor. These engagements combine our consulting and patent brokerage practices, and typically involve the following activities:

  • Clearly defining the technology of interest and disaggregating the technology into its most basic elements
  • Performing extremely detailed prior art searches, iterating until all possibilities have been exhausted
  • Assessing the identified art using technical experts
  • Completing the appropriate due diligence on the patents
  • Developing a negotiating strategy and negotiating with patent owners while maintaining the confidentiality of the buyer, if required

Patent Acquisition

Alternatively, for those looking to buy assets, Red Chalk Group has the unique capabilities required to identify the owners of desirable assets, value the assets, and negotiate aggressively for their sale. Whether addressing strategic issues or tactical needs, we have assisted numerous companies in developing and executing their patent purchasing programs. These programs are generally driven by the need to:

  • Build a responsive portfolio by identifying key strategic assets vs. direct competitors, other companies in the value chain, and those with critical technologies
  • Supplement internal R&D efforts
  • Mitigate a specific threat or pending lawsuit
  • Further strengthen an existing licensing program

Alternative Dispositions

For many patent holders, a simple all cash, upfront sale of a patent portfolio is not the best solution to maximize return. We have a deep network of companies, law firms, investors and individuals who are ready to partner with patent holders. These more creative solutions can yield an excellent return while balancing the patent owner’s desires and appetite for risk.

At Red Chalk Group, we have a proven track record of matching buyers, investors, and law firms with sellers. We work as intellectual property consultants to both large companies and individual inventors alike.

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