Competitive IP Benchmarking and Technology Commercialization Advisory

Providing key guidance and strategic advisory services for key decision makers regarding investment and market positioning across industry and activity sectors.

RCG consulting team has an established track record in the area strategic IP and technology development advisory, providing technology development investment and market positioning guidance to key decision makers across industry and activity sectors:

Competitive IP Portfolio Assessment and Optimization

  • Comparative close Prior Art assessment of competing IPs / technologies
  • Key technical attributes, leading assignees, and key competitive differential advantage(s)
  • Freedom of Operate and competitive red flags analysis.

Competitive Commercial Technologies Landscape Assessments

  • Key features analysis of leading competitive technologies and best alternative solutions
  • Value proposition and pricing assessments
  • Cost assessment
  • Market positioning and market share analysis

Technology Scaled Development and Commercialization Strategy Development

  • Structural market assessment:
  • Key market segments and geography concentration
  • Key customer groups
  • Supply chain and distribution channels 
  • Market valuation and growth forecasting modeling
  • Strategic market entry and road mapping assessments
  • Technology commercialization approach analysis.