Energy Transition Strategy Development

Energy transition Best-Practices assessment and strategic road mapping development.

Technology, consumer, and policy drivers are altering the structure of global energy markets, introducing new threats and opportunities. Red Chalk Group’s advisory team brings deep experiences across transition energy sectors and verticals, combined with a fact-based research and analysis approach to the development of new platforms and market expansion initiatives:

  • Energy policy and regulatory compliance assessment
  • GHG emissions infrastructure assessment and mitigation
  • Energy transition best practices and competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Growth strategies and strategic road mapping due diligence

Joint-Ventures and Strategic Partnership Due Diligence

  • Opportunity identification
  • Screening / due diligence
  • Valuation and synergy analysis
  • Corporate and BU strategy development
  • Adjacent market assessment

Sales and Channel Strategy Development

  • Value chain assessment
  • Customer / Market segmentation
  • Voice of Customer / VoC analysis
  • Value proposition development.