Globalization, technological change, and new business models have driven even the most successful incumbents to change or reassess their corporate strategy.

Spotting opportunities early and exploiting them with speed, skill, and insight is critical to developing a truly transformative and sustainable strategy.   Red Chalk Group has developed winning strategies for senior executives at leading corporations as they navigate the accelerating nature of competition in an increasingly uncertain world.

Red Chalk Group’s engagement teams have achieved exceptional results by employing a rigorous, fact-based approach in conjunction with external industry insights to develop a strategic roadmap for success.

Corporate Strategy

An effective corporate strategy is the foundation for long-term enterprise value creation. Red Chalk Group has advised corporate leaders on the development of new growth platforms, adjacent market entrance, and related organic and inorganic options to address changing market dynamics.

Business Unit Strategy

In the context of broader enterprises, business units each face unique business, market, and competitive challenges, and must develop differentiated approaches for long-term success. Our engagement teams have developed strategies that assist senior leaders regarding optimal resource allocation decisions related to portfolio, channels, and investments to ultimately enable success.

Product / Service Portfolio Strategy

A tailored product and service portfolio is critical to address end user and customer needs. Our engagement teams have developed product-expansion, -development, and -innovation strategies driven by evolving market needs, customer preferences, and competitive initiatives, resulting in augmented customer value, increased market share, and improved market power.

Sales and Go-to-Market Strategy

A successful sales and go-to-market strategy requires an understanding of target markets, customer profiles, and the key value propositions required to efficiently message and distribute products and services. Red Chalk Group has supported senior leaders through the codification of current channel dynamics, identification of new channels (e.g., digital), and design of efficient sales processes to drive success.

Brand / Value Proposition Development

Understanding the value propositions, drivers, and messaging that optimally positions a player in its target market is critical to drive market share gains, pricing power, and long-term customer preferences. Red Chalk Group has developed enhanced, evolved, and innovative value propositions through deep evaluation of target market dynamics, customer segmentation and decision-making, and direct customer feedback, resulting in differentiated market positioning for clients.